10 Awesome Tips for Making Friends in a New City Without Feeling Awkward

Moving to a new location is exciting and terrifying all at once. Never fear, here’s how to go about making friends in a new city – quickly and easily.

10 Awesome Tips for Making Friends in a New City Without Feeling Awkward from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Having trouble making friends in a new city? You’re not alone. One study showed that 45% of adults think making new friends is difficult.

Being alone in a new city can make it even more challenging. Where do you go to meet people? How do you strike up a friendship?

Getting out into the city and doing things that interest you can help. You’re likely to have something in common with the people you meet while doing the things you enjoy. If you’re the new person in town, try these 10 tips on places to meet people.

1. Find a Networking Group

Many communities have networking groups for professionals. You might find a young professionals group or a group for business owners.

If you find a group that fits your situation, check for upcoming events. Since the group and events center around networking, everyone will be introducing themselves and meeting new people anyway.

Since the group is targeted to a specific type of person, you’ll already have that shared trait in common to start conversations.

As an added bonus, joining could help you grow your career in your new city while you make new friends.

2. Explore the City

Simply getting out and seeing new things in your city gives you the chance to meet other people. Keep your eyes open to look for other people who are exploring on their own. Check out local attractions, such as museums or art galleries.

If your city hosts festivals throughout the year, go explore them. You’ll learn more about the city by checking out those local offerings, and you might meet new people.

It could also be as simple as going for a walk or taking your dog to a local dog park. Don’t be shy about introducing yourself and starting a conversation. If you meet someone who has lived in the city for years, you can ask for recommendations on things to do and see. Most people are excited to share their opinions.

3. Join a Club

Check out the club offerings based on your interests in your new city.

A book club is a common option if you’re interested in reading. Groups usually meet regularly, and the smaller group size makes it easier to get to know people.

Other club ideas include:

  • Sports fan clubs
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Business

With clubs, you have a natural conversation starter, which is helpful if you have trouble making small talk.

4. Take a Class

Community classes exist on almost anything you could imagine. Cooking, art, dance, and foreign language classes are just a few examples.

When you sign up for recurring class, you’ll see your fellow students every time it meets. This gives you a chance to scope out the people you might want to connect with. It also lets you work up the courage to start conversations if you’re a little shy.

At the same time, you’re learning a new skill. Even if you don’t come out with a new best friend, you at least had fun learning something new.

5. Go to the Gym

Love to work up a good sweat? Join a local gym to meet other people who are enthusiastic about exercise.

People tend to go to the gym at the same time of day, so you’ll likely start seeing some people on a regular basis.

Check out the fitness class schedule to find something that interests you. Going to the same class each day or week is another way to see some of the same people each time.

Having a class or gym in common gives you a way to start up a conversation. That could lead to finding other things yo have in common.

6. Find a Church Home

If you have a strong faith, finding a church in your new city as soon as possible is one of the best ways to find a new circle of friends.

Religion serves as a core part of who you are if it’s important in your life. You’ll likely connect more easily with other people who share that common value.

Finding a welcoming, inclusive church, such as Central St. Matthew United Church of Christ in New Orleans, can make it easier to feel at home and make new friends. Accepting churches make everyone feel welcome, even those who are new.

Look for the different groups and ministries offered by the church. Having specialized groups based on shared interests can make it easier to meet new friends, especially if the church you choose has a large congregation.

7. Expand From People You Know

Even if you’re new to a city, you’ll likely know a few people.

That’s often your coworkers. Meeting people at work is how 42% of adults make friends. If you work remotely, that can cut down on your opportunities to make new friends.

Let your current circle of friends know about your move. Ask them if they know anyone in your new city. You might be surprised by how many friends-of-friends live nearby.

8. Volunteer

If volunteering is your thing, find a local organization that needs volunteers.

It’s a great way to give while getting to know your new community. You can get a feel for what needs are in the community.

You’ll also likely become familiar with what the community has to offer.

At the same time, you’ll meet other volunteers and people who run the organization. Since you’re all helping the same organization, you’ll have that in common.

Finding other people who care about helping out the community could be a good basis for new friendships. That’s a strong core value, which makes it easier to connect.

9. Join Local Online Groups

If you don’t have a lot of free time or you’re shy, joining online groups for your new city is a way to ease into making new friendships. 

Facebook often has lots of local options for groups. Look for one based on your specific city. You can meet other locals and ask questions about your community, which could help you connect to the other members.

10. Shop Local

Instead of hitting up chain stores, shop at locally owned businesses. Not only are you supporting local business owners, but you’re also opening yourself up to meeting other locals.

There’s a good chance the owner will be working at the store. Strike up conversations with the owners to learn more about the city. Other shoppers could also become friends eventually.

Start Making Friends in a New City

Moving to a new place is exciting, and making friends in a new city can be exciting, too. Push beyond your comfort zone to meet people who have similar interests.

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