Active Children: 10 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Exercise

Childhood obesity is a serious issue. Encouraging your kids to exercise is a great way to fight it. We look at 10 great tips for having active children.

Did you know that about 74% of children do not get the required exercise?

Although children may look jovial, playful and full of life, very few get the necessary amount of activity. Active children are the joy of parents, teachers, and caregivers.

In recent times, the time used by children to perform exercises has been replaced by technology. Comparing to 20 years ago, it’s fair to conclude that there is an unfilled gap within children- and that exercise. Whether at home or in school, children don’t like to do exercises.

Here are 10 ways to encourage your kids to do exercise. Read on!

1. Set the Pace

Do you know what it means by leading from the front? Showing your kids how to do regular exercise is sure of making them exercise. Since many kids copy from their parents, you can set the pace and let them follow your steps.

Being a leader is the surest way to keep children active. You can start jogging around and have them follow what you do. This procedure works best for kids below the age of 10.

The earlier you set the example, the earlier the kid will adapt.

2. Introduce Kids to Fun Activities

If you want to active children, the best way is to introduce them to funny activities. Kids like engaging in playful but hilarious undertakings that keep the adrenaline rush. You can start it right in the house or somewhere outdoors.

An excellent example of a fun activity is hide-and-seek. This game is simple and can be done right in your house without any challenges. Kids like playful activities that keep them jovial and in good moods.

Children whose parents introduce them to playful activities are likely to keep doing the same every time.

3. Choosing the Right Equipment for Physical Activity

Getting some equipment is an ideal way of encouraging kids to do exercise. Kids like trying anything new and unfamiliar.

Playing equipment is cheap and ideal for home use. A good example of equipment is the trampoline. Buying the best trampoline for the money that would go to the PlayStation is a wise idea.

With the availability of many options in the market, you can’t miss out on the best deals for the family.

4. Choose the Best Activities for Your Kids

There are many things that kids can do, but how many of them are worthy? Choosing the best thing for your child must be a simple affair. Activities such as swimming, playing ball games, and jogging are perfect activities for kids.

While choosing these activities, they must be in their interest. Parents make mistakes by forcing kids to do things they don’t like. Let everything be enjoyable and straightforward as well.

A wide range of activities can burn out kids and reduce their motivation. Have a wide array of activities to break their monotony.

5. Encourage a Positive Lifestyle

As a parent, you can bring up active kids by checking their lifestyle. For example, you can emphasize on walking rather than taking the car. A bike can be an excellent option for kids.

Changing the kids’ lifestyle can also mean the diet. Giving children natural foods is a better idea than processed fast foods. The natural diets are cheap and help in keeping children fitter and healthier.

You don’t want obese kids, so give them food that will keep them in great shape and stature. Kids who take balanced diets likely to exercise more than those who take junks.

6. Create a Family Routine

How does a family exercise routine feel? Of course, it sounds great.

That is the reason why you should adopt it has a norm. Setting a routine is relatively simple because it just requires a little planning.

Setting up a few hours every day is a great recipe for kids. The best this is to make sure that they adapt to the timetable and everything will go on as planned. Set time for the gym, swimming, and playtime.

A good routine should be for about 90 days. A reasonably long schedule is easy to adapt.

7. Get a Trainer

With life getting much busier, it’s difficult to schedule any significant time to work out kids. Getting out of work late and being overly busy during weekends is a reality. If this is the case, you can look for a trainer or caregiver who will keep the kids active.

Although hiring a trainer is expensive, it’s the new trend in many families. Parents who aren’t readily available can look for people to assist in the job. There is a lot of qualified personnel out there who are willing to offer these services.

8. Switch Off the Electronics

Technology has a very negative history in the lives of kids. Many children will always time their favorite TV programs to watch. If they aren’t on the television, they are playing video games on their tablets or mobile phones.

If your kids have those traits, you can limit the time they spend on mobile and television. You can do this intentionally by blocking channels, switching off Wi-Fi, etc. Kids will likely find other ways of getting busy instead of languishing in boredom.

9. Choose the Right School that Incorporates Physical Activity

The right school for your kids should be the one that dedicates time to extracurricular activities. These schools offer kids opportunities to develop skills such as hopping, jumping, skipping, and running. Both structured and unstructured plays are necessary to keep children highly active.

10. Emphasize on Safety

One of the perfect ways ensure that kids are physically active is by creating a safe environment for exercise. Keep the tasks moderate with fewer risks of injury. Do not overdo anything because they might get injured or burned out.

Raise Active Children

The above tips work significantly in encouraging kids to play. If your kids aren’t doing enough exercise, use these tactics and keep them physically active.

Physically active children always grow healthy and strong. The secret lies in adopting the best mechanisms for both work and play. For more information, read this post on how walking can improve your kids’ health.

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