Tidying your House and Garden After a Move

Tidying up after you move in might not be the first thing you want to tackle, the first three being eat, sleep and decorate, but it may well be necessary. Despite the best efforts of the housing agent or the previous owner, there is going to be some amount of tweaking needed on your part. The good news is, once you’re done with the minor renovations, cleaning and organizing, the house is going to feel much more yours, much more like home. The question, of course, is where to even begin? This article will provide a step-by-step guide of everything that you may need to think of during your first days to your first month in a brand new home. While this list might not apply to everyone, it is handy to have around and give you an idea of things you may have missed.
1. The very first thing you need to do is just to go around the house and get to know the place. Think about where you’re going to arrange all of the furniture. Look in all of the corners, nooks and crannies for things left behind by the previous occupants, for dust or spider webs and anything that will require your attention in general. Make a mental note of anything you notice.
2. At this point you have two choices – either clean before you arrange the furniture, or vice versa. The advantage of cleaning before you’ve put in the big pieces is that the space will be freer and you will be able to move around and get all of the corners. However, while you’re moving in heavy, dusty pieces, the house may get quite messy all over again. It really is up to you to decide.
Tidying your House and Garden After a Move
3. If you choose to go with cleaning first, make sure you do a thorough job. A simple hoover will not do for a brand new home, especially if it hasn’t been lived in for a while. Some things you can do to refresh the place are opening the windows wide to air out the place, giving all the surfaces a thorough dusting, wiping and polishing all of the wooden floors. You may want to go around all enclosed spaces like closets and bathrooms and look for signs of mould and mildew. If you notice anything of the sort, spray the area with mould killer and leave it for an hour or two, Then wash away the solution and air out the space for at least a day. Remember to wash the windows to let in all of the available light. You may also want to put out a scented candle or some room spray with a familiar scent to make the place feel a bit more like home.
4. Once you’re finished with all of the initial preparation, it’s time to start unpacking and arranging. Unpack your essentials first – clothing, bedding, kitchen essentials, bathroom cosmetics, etc. Once you have everything you’ll need, use the “one room” rule. What this means is, take the time to fully unpack and arrange one room before all of the rest. Really make it comfortable and homey. This can be the bedroom, living room or whichever room in the house you choose, but make it as comfortable as possible. This will serve as your “base of operations”, so to speak and it will be your place to relax and rest after a hard day’s work.
5. Lastly, try to finish unpacking as quickly as possible. By all means, pace yourself and take frequent breaks, but do try to unpack everything within your first week, so that you can enjoy your new home sooner.
6. If you move in the summer, you may want to combine each day’s unpacking work with a couple hours of yard work. This way you will get to spend some time in the sun, as well as fix up the garden.

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