Top Shaver Benefits of Women Using an Electric Razor

Top Shaver Benefits of Women Using an Electric Razor from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Nothing beats the good old manual razor when you want the closest shave you can get. But let’s face it. Using a manual razor is a balancing act. And razor burns, cuts, and nicks are parts of the package deal.

Luckily, you don’t have to put up with them anymore now that electric shavers are a thing for the ladies.

Most Women Have a Love-Hate Relationship with Manual Razors

Manual razors are the most versatile solution when it comes to shaving. As they allow you to shave closer to the skin, they let you tap into a variety of shaving angles. And as long as their blades are sharp, manual razors get the job done with a minimal number of passes.

Needless to say, the act of shaving is a form of meditation for many women. With the scent of shaving cream surrounding you and your time all to yourself, it becomes hard not to chill. And there’s something special about a soft shaving brush and an old-fashioned razor touching your skin.

Sadly, manual razors aren’t free of any downsides. In fact, manual razors:

  • May cause skin injuries Shaving with manual razors isn’t a smooth ride. All it takes is one awkward move, and you get a nick in a split second.
  • Can irritate the skin Because manual razors get so close to the skin, they irritate it. And this irritation ranges from simple razor burns to serious skin rashes.
  • Use up much time The manual razor isn’t a tool that works well in a rush. If you decide to shave with it, you better have some free time on your hands. Or you’re in for a nick or two.
  • Aren’t easy to maintain Even if your manual razor is disposable or uses refill cartridges, cleaning it between uses may feel like a chore.
  • Take time to master Manual razors require finesse. And until you get the hang of them, cuts will be there to stay.
  • End up being costly Though they appear cheap, the costs of changing disposable razors and refill cartridges quickly add up in the long run.

As it is evident, manual razors aren’t hassle-free. What about electric razors?

Why Women Using an Electric Razor Love It

Women who have made the shift to an electric razor appreciate that:

  • It works well in a hurry Using an electric razor, you can shave a lot quicker, without all the bells and whistles that manual razors require.
  • It’s safer Unlike manual razors, electric razors don’t expose your skin to the risk of nicks and cuts that can be painful.
  • It’s a fit for sensitive areas Since an electric razor doesn’t get too close to the skin, it doesn’t irritate the skin as manual razors do.
  • It’s versatile Besides being easy to use on the go, an electric razor works well for dry and wet shaving sessions alike.

As such, an electric razor gets the job done without much hassle.

There’s more to gain, though, from using an electric razor.

Even More Reasons to Love an Electric Razor

An electric razor comes with further benefits that every woman can enjoy:

  • It needs minimal maintenance On top of lasting longer, electric razors free you of the need to clean them thoroughly or switch refill cartridges.
  • It works out of the box Compared to manual razors, electric razors are easier to get the hang of and put to use from the get-go.
  • It involves less costs While they seem to cost more in the beginning, their ease of maintenance eventually makes them a more economical option.
  • It gives more control over shaving As opposed to manual razors, electric razors allow you to decide exactly how much hair you want to shave off.

Looks like an electric razor can enrich the shaving toolkit of nearly every woman.

What are we to make of an electric razor for women at this point?

An Electric Razor: One Tool for All Your Shaving Needs

Given its advantages, an electric razor is especially suitable for: 

  • Women with skin sensitivity Choosing between hairy spots and irritated skin is the hell some women live in. An electric razor can be a real keeper for them.
  • Women with busy schedules Many women don’t have the time a decent shaving session calls for. Shaving with an electric razor can fit into any schedule with ease.
  • Women with mobility issues Reaching some spots with a manual razor requires a lot of flexibility. And many women simply can’t afford to get injured in the process.

In addition, an electric razor suits any other woman who wants to be able to shave quickly and easily.

If you’re among these women, using an electric razor is a fit for you.

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