The Question that Made Me Laugh


The other day I had an amazing conversation with someone that I interviewed a few years ago on Chats from the Blog Cabin. Shari Leid is an amazing woman. She is traveling the 50 states meeting with one woman from each state that she has either met casually or virtually, or they are a friend of a friend. And for the state of North Carolina, she chose me. I was extremely honored to share a meal with her at one of my favorite restaurants, The Laughing Owl. ( I wish I could have showed her more of my town, but she was only in NC for one day) . But during the course of the conversation where the table was turned, and I was the one getting asked the questions. She asked me a question that made me laugh, and I just have to tell you about it.

The Question that Made Me Laugh

The question was, had I ever had dinner with an Asian American before? Y’all, I was sent this question before our meeting, and I was just waiting for her to ask because I got to proudly state that not only have I had dinner with an Asian American – I am the proud Mom in law of one. So that question made me want to write the post about how incredible my son-in-law Lex truly is.

Past Year Family Pictures
My Beautiful Multicultural Family

Lex has been featured on the blog in pictures, but I don’t think I really have told you a lot about him. My oldest, Maddie, met him when they were in high school. He was a year behind her. They dated their last years in high school and then went to college together. Other than my husband, I have never seen anyone that has a work ethic like Lex. And smart, oh my, that boy is smart.

I am Shook!!! My Daughter is from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

They didn’t get engaged until the year they moved to California, but I already considered him part of the family way before them. He is my son in every sense of the word. I am so proud of the man he became and the life that they have created together in California with MyMy and HeHe ( my Grandkitties) my only wish is that I wish that they lived closer.

The Question that Made Me Laugh

But since they live so far away, I treasure the time spent with them. And I always look forward to their visits here. So when I was asked the question that made me laugh, I emphatically said yes I have and will continue to do so in the future. (It’s like my daughter says our family is gonna be so mixed we won’t know what we are 😉 )

Not a teenager anymore rom NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

I will have to say when I told my daughter the question she said I should have said ” I’ll do you one better. I’ve shared meals, drinks, and homes with them.” But I think I have to answer Grandkitties as well.

So for Asian American Pacific Islander Month, I wanted to share my amazing son, Katsuya aka LEX.

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