The Pros and Cons of Reupholstering and Buying New

The Pros and Cons of Reupholstering and Buying New

Let’s have a little chit-chat about the age-old question people often ask: “Should I reupholster my furniture or buy something new?” Get comfortable and read along as I share the pros and cons of reupholstering and buying new furniture.

Comparing the Costs

The first thing y’all should consider is the cost. Many people think reupholstering is always cheaper than buying new, but that’s not always the case. Reupholstering can cost you a pretty penny, especially if you want to repurpose an old piece of furniture, like that Victorian chair your grandma gave you.

On the other hand, reupholstering might be the way to go if your furniture just needs a refresh. Strike a balance between cost and longevity. I’d rather invest in something that’ll last me a lifetime than buy a cheap piece that’ll be front and center in my next yard sale.

Sentimental Value

Reupholstering cherished furniture can give them new life! While new furniture may be exciting, it lacks the memories attached to well-loved furniture. These pieces hold your life stories, providing comfort and serving as a piece of personal history. That sentimental value is something new furniture simply can’t offer. If your furniture isn’t salvageable, go ahead and purchase something in your budget.

The Best Pieces To Reupholster

Chairs with solid wood frames and joints are great examples of pieces ideal for reupholstering. If you’ve got an eye for quality, you can spot these gems at estate sales and thrift stores and get to work! On the other hand, pieces made with lower-quality materials might be more trouble than they’re worth to reupholster. Consider these pieces for reupholstering:

  • Heirloom pieces
  • Classic designer furniture
  • High-quality leather goods
  • Solid wood furniture

The Importance of Following Reupholstering Guides

If you’re thinking of embracing your inner DIYer and giving old things new life, I highly recommend you find yourself a trusty reupholstering guide. A step-by-step guide to reupholstering your couch, for example, walks you through the process and gives you the confidence to tackle the project like a real Southern artisan.

Weighing Your Options

At the end of the day, the decision to reupholster or buy new furniture isn’t set in stone; it’s often down to your tastes and budget. No matter which method you choose, I hope you’ll find a way to make your home feel as cozy and inviting as a warm summer evening. Whether you’re reupholstering or buying new, choose pieces that speak to your heart and bring you joy. That’s what truly makes a house feel like home! Keep on decorating with love and good intentions!

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