Types of Orthodontic Treatment

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Orthodontic treatment is aimed at aligning teeth, improving oral health, and a person’s appearance. Orthodontist Santa Maria carries out various dentistry practices that improve your oral health and function. The orthodontist uses a wide range of dental devices for the treatment of dental issues. These include;

Fixed Appliances

These are the most common orthodontic devices used for precision. Once they are fitted, you can eat regular food. You should avoid sticky foods and drinks such as hard sweets, gums, and carbonated drinks that may cause damage to your teeth and appliances.

Fixed appliances include braces and space maintainers. Braces are made up of wires, bands, and brackets. Bands anchor the appliance around your teeth firmly to adjust the teeth in the correct position. You may need to follow up with your specialist to tighten the braces for the best results. Maintainers are used to prevent other teeth from moving into the spaces of accidentally lost teeth.

If you are using fixed braces and are involved in sporting activities, it is commendable to put on a gum shield for protection. Fixed braces are made from a metallic material and are visible on the front of your teeth. Other braces, such as ceramic and clear braces, are not visible but are more costly.

Removable Appliances

These are appliances that are used in the correction of minor teeth problems such as crooked teeth. They can be removed for cleaning or as a safety precaution during certain activities. Your orthodontist will give insight on when it is ideal for removing your appliances.

Removable appliances include headgear, aligners, and retainers. Headgears are straps attached to the back of the head to slow down the growth of the upper jaw while maintaining the position of the back teeth. Aligners are used to put teeth in place and are used mainly by adults. They cannot be noticed by other people and can be removed when eating or flossing.

Retainers are removable tooth appliances used after treatment to prevent teeth from moving back to their original position. The retainers could be permanently fixed to your teeth where there is a significant risk of the treated teeth moving to their former position.

Jaw Repositioning Appliances

These are orthodontic appliances that help the jaw close properly. They are used in the treatment of jaw problems that cause pain and dysfunction in jaw muscles. Repositioning devices are used to restore the proper function of the jaws.

Orthodontic appliances are used in the treatment of dental problems of all ages. It is advisable to follow the instructions given by your orthodontist for effective results.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Improves oral hygiene

Teeth alignment helps to prevent periodontal disease that involves infection of the gums. It also prevents the sticking of food particles between teeth that can cause oral issues such as cavities and plague.

Orthodontists help to mitigate oral health issues that may arise in the future. Regular visits to the teeth experts will boost your oral health and whole-body wellness.

Proper jaw alignment

Jaw alignment problems can lead to pain and dysfunction in the long run. It is commendable to get braces as soon as you notice any problems with your jaws. Painful jaws can make eating difficult due to the pain that increases as the problem advances.

Braces increase the alignment of your jaws and reduce the likelihood of developing any problem in the future. Your orthodontist will recommend the ideal device to use for jaw alignment.

Boosts confidence

Oral issues affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. People with dental problems tend to be self-conscious about their smiles. The orthodontist will identify your problem and offer a treatment plan that suits your needs. They will ensure that the plan brings an end to all your dental problems and prevents such kinds of issues in the future.

The treatment plan also helps to boost your physical and mental health as well. It makes a person feel more confident about themselves and increases self-esteem.

Enhances speech

Dental problems are the leading causes of speech problems. Some people have difficulty communicating as a result of jaw alignment problems. Some of these issues are caused by natural misalignment, and others are a result of accidents. Regardless of the cause of your jaw problem, an orthodontist will help you to put the jaws in the correct position and enhance your speech.

Regular visits to the dental experts will help you maintain oral health and prevent teeth-related diseases and illnesses.  If you’re currently looking for a reliable dentist, consider dental veneers syracuse ny.

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