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Top Reasons Why Children Really Do Need Preschool

Top Reasons Why Children Really Do Need Preschool from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Preschool is not obligatory. Initially, it was created to give underprivileged children a chance to ‘catch-up’ with other children and help ensure all children started school at the same level.

However, reputable centers, such as this early learning Croydon one, have evolved and offered much more to the children that attend. 

Today, there are a host of good reasons to send your child to preschool. 

Reading & Writing

Preschool helps your child to develop reading and writing skills. While you can read and write with them at home it is worth sending them to preschool as they will be taught in the same way as other children and this will improve their reading skills.

In fact, a little competition, such as that at preschool, will potentially help your child read above the expected reading level. 

The added advantage is the time you have at home with your child can be focused on bonding with them.

Social Skills

Another important benefit of preschool is the development of social skills. This is important regardless of whether you have one child at home or ten. 

Children need to learn to interact with other people, share their opinions, listen to others, and even share toys. This is best learned at preschool where there will be a larger mix of children and values than there is at home.

Your child will learn how to interact with others, this is an essential skill throughout life. 

Preparation For Study

Preschool eases a child into studying in a fun and relaxed way. This is important because your child enjoys the experience and, at the same time, they are being prepared for school. By being ready and in the mindset to learn they are likely to get more out of school. 

Although educational qualifications are not everything in life, having good grades certainly helps them to succeed.


It is never too early for a child to gain confidence in their own abilities. As a parent, you can help with this by praising them when they get things right and by guiding rather than telling them how to do things. 

But, you can’t replicate the experience of being at preschool where children have to learn to speak for themselves and have confidence in their own thoughts and actions. 

At this stage they can build confidence easily, preschool simply gives them the right environment to do this. Having confidence is essential to success and happiness in life. Sending them to preschool helps them to get this and is one of the best gifts you can give them.

It’s Fun!

You should note that preschool is designed to be fun, even though your child is learning. The preschool recognizes that they are dealing with very young children and make sure the activities they do are fun and educational. It’s hard not to want your child to enjoy themselves. 

If you are sitting on the fence regarding preschool then the simplest solution is to send your child for a trial run. You’ll quickly realize how many benefits it offers and how much your child enjoys it.

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