The Best Holiday Shopping Deals


shopping 4Are you like me always looking for a deal? Check out my tips on how to find the best deals online and in stores. The first tips are about shopping in stores. Finding deals in stores does not need to be a form of torture if you know where to look and what you are looking for. Always research the item you are looking for before going shopping. Sometimes stores will give you a price match with their competitors’ price and if you have a coupon that will be more money and gas you will save. The first thing you need to do is call a store and see if they match competitors’ prices. Ask to speak to a customer service manager and then ask about their policy about price matching. Also make sure to ask what the current price of the item you are looking for is. Make sure to get the name of person you are speaking with. Doing this will save you a lot of leg work in the long run. Price matching discussed onto the clearance rack. Clearance racks are a big vice of mine. That is probably the first place I go when I walk into a store. I love the deal. But it has to be marked down a lot for me to buy it. I normally try not to pay over $10 for clothing items on clearance and for other items the price tag just depends on the item’s original price.

Online shopping I have found the most bargains, using sites that offer daily deals. I also find that using these sites in conjunction with sites that pay cash back or points for every dollar spent adds up in the long run.

Shopping after a major holiday will always grab you some great bargains on items that you save and put up for the following year. But remember this never over extend your spending that you make it hard for your family to buy groceries because you had to have that new lawn ornament for your Christmas decorations next year.

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