The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts 2013


Take to heart the notion, “It’s the thought that counts.” In gift giving, be more creative than extravagant. I don’t know about you but I love to give the gift that is outside of the box. Gifts that have a lot of thought behind them mean more to me than an expensive one. So when looking for gifts for Valentine’s Day, I look for gifts that will have special meaning behind them. For instance, this year for Gracie I bought her the movie, Frankenweenie to remind her of the night that she had her dad and me all to herself. That does not happen very often so when she watches the DVD she can relive that night.

Now my daughter, Maddie is a creative gift giver. For Christmas she wrote letters to all her friends. In these letters, she expressed how proud she was to be their friend and how much her live is better because they are in it. The cost of this gift was just paper, pen and her time. But her friends loved it.  So when you are searching for that perfect gift this Valentine’s season consider looking for one that expresses how you truly feel about that person and buy from the heart instead of the price tag.

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