Teaching Children About Giving Back: 3 Charities To Support In Your Local Community This Holiday Season

Teaching Children About Giving Back 3 Charities To Support In Your Local Community This Holiday Season from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Charity begins at home. Teaching your children good habits from an early age can stay with them for the rest of their lives, including the act of giving back. Past research has shown that children have the instinct to share and help others. In fact, a recent study by Berkley found that acts of kindness, such as giving, make toddlers happy. However, while there may be a deep-seated spark for altruism in our children from a young age, it is also heavily influenced by how much we nurture it as parents. The best way to do that: start from a young age and in everyday environments. Finding ways to support charities in your local community is a great way to bond with your child, while still teaching them the value of charity this holiday season. 

Why You Should Teach Your Child About Giving Back

This holiday season as your children draw up their holiday wish lists and exchange holiday presents with glee, it is important to capitalize on opportunities to teach them about giving back. Focusing on supporting your local charity is a great way to help your child form a bond with their local community, and the people living it. Encouraging support for charities also helps to educate children on the realities of the world and that everyone may be as fortunate as themselves. Last but certainly not least, giving back to your local charities can open up a wider conversation with your child about the effects of consumerism and help children become compassionate, empathetic, and well-rounded adults in later life.

Veteran Non-Profit Charities In Your Community

Across the country, veterans grapple with transition after leaving the military. Many have a tough time finding employment and housing. Around two-thirds of veterans admit they find it difficult to adjust to civilian life. Because of this, there are many programs dedicated to helping veterans get back on their feet. For instance, based on VA loan facts, the VA loan program enables veterans to buy their own homes with no down payment and no private mortgage insurance. Supporting your local non-profit organizations dedicated to veterans is a good way to teach your child about the sacrifices made by the nation’s veterans and how we can show appreciation for them. In San Antonio, the local veteran charities include Veteran Support Foundation which offers peer-to-peer mentorship and a Trasnportation4Heroes initiative. 

Your Local Food Bank

This holiday season millions of Americans will be lining up outside their local food banks as households grapple with rising food prices and cost of living. Recent headlines by news outlets have displayed the grim reality: food bank lines are growing again and many of the nation’s families, including grandparents, are relying on their local food bank program. Because of this, your food bank like the San Antonio Food Bank is likely to be accepting volunteers and donations. One glance at the San Antonio’s Food Bank’s website shows you can either donate financially ($1 donated provides 7 meals), organize a food drive, or volunteer for one of the many jobs like the community kitchen. This is a good way to get your children involved by either encouraging them to donate their allowance or getting involved in a local food drive for donations.

Environmental Non-Profits And Charities 

Teaching your children about climate change and respecting the environment goes beyond teaching them about eco-friendly habits at home. It also includes supporting local organizations who are working to protect the environment like The Green Spaces Alliance Of South Texas and Texas Agricultural Land Trust. These non-profit organizations are dedicated to protecting wildlife habitats and agricultural lands while also educating landowners on conservation habits. You can support these charities by either donating or volunteering like clean-up campaigns. 

As the year draws close and we celebrate with our loved ones, let us not forget to give back to our communities. Getting your children involved with charities in your local community kickstarts a healthy habit and teaches them valuable life lessons that will stay with them well into adulthood.

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