Taking in The ACC Women’s Soccer Tournament

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This past weekend our family was lucky enough to attend the women’s ACC Soccer tourney. I got a really good deal on these tickets through Living Social. We were able to buy tickets for 3 games for $10.00 each. That means that my family of five was able to watch 3 games for $50.00. To me that is a great deal. As you know my two older girls are soccer players, so I felt that it was important to show them wonderful role models from both sides of the gender field. As you know we attend many professional games at Wake Med Soccer Park to see our beloved Carolina Railhawks play but those are male role models. Yea the girls love watching them play and they each have a favorite player. These players have awesome qualities on and off the field but I felt it was important being the mom of three girls that I also show them positive female role models as well. And when this deal come around I could not pass it up.

The games took place over the course of this past weekend. There were two games Friday night and then the championship game was Sunday. We caught the tail end of the first game, because believe it or not we are at a Doctor’s appointment for Mikaela to get her cleared to play soccer in the spring. Virginia Tech beat the University of Virginia by 4-2. The second game started a little while after that. It was the UNC (University of North Carolina) Tarheels versus FSU (Florida State University). UNC was the only local team playing in the tournament. Tobin Heath who is on the US Women’s Olympic Soccer Team attended UNC-CH and played soccer there.

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To say that it was cold Friday night was an understatement. The two older girls braving the elements to watch the game but this all we could see of Gracie for a while.

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I knew when all three of my girls, who are die hard soccer fans, asked to leave the game early that it was cold. Just look at all the pictures I managed to snap before we left. When we left the game there was about 20 minutes left and UNC was ahead 1-0. Then ended up losing the game 2-1.

Luckily, Sunday’s weather was nicer and we did not have to bundle up. It was a brisk 60 degrees. Raul had to work until 2:00 and Gracie decided she did not want to go because she wanted friends to sleep over, so Raul stayed home with her and her friends.

AFM Soccer Tourney 1

Maddie and Mikaela got to invite two friends to go along with us to the game. MAria as you may remember attended Maddie’s birthday party and is one of Maddie’s closest friends. Cassidy used to be on the same soccer team as the girls’ so they wanted to invite her. So it was a girl’s day.

While we were at Wake Med Soccer Park, which did I mention is also where the Carolina Railhawks play, we say Jorge who is part of Evan’s staff as well as Austen King, a player. It was great girl’s day out with Florida State winning over VA Tech 1-0. I will have to say I was impressed with both teams but I will have to say that I took special notice of a couple of players. One of the players was number 16. Just look at the picture and see why she would be an inspiration to young girls especially those who may have a handicap.

AFM ACC Soccer Tourney 021

All in all we had an awesome weekend watching some amazing young women play soccer.

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