7 Strategic Ways That Could Help to Improve Your CV

The International Labor Organization estimates that over 170 million people in the working-age group are unemployed. This number has tripled over the last year due to the coronavirus pandemic raging havoc across the globe and causing the closure of businesses.

7 Strategic Ways That Could Help to Improve Your CV from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

With an increase in the number of graduates each year, fewer jobs are available for fresh graduates. The job market is becoming a very competitive environment. In this recent light, employers are looking for graduates with something more than just a degree, something that will make you stand out from the rest.

As a college student, it is important to use your spare time to learn new skills. This also applies to those in the job market or employment as it ensures that your skills do not become redundant, and it will give you better chances of securing that promotion you have been eyeing for some time.

Therefore, to ensure that you do not fall into this unemployed population, it is important to enroll in several short-term courses. Some of these courses are offered for free or at a subsidized fee via online platforms. Here are seven online courses that will improve your curriculum vitae and make you stand out from the crowd.

Inbound and Social Media Marketing

Recently, there been a noticeable shift in the buyers’ behavior to online buying. Therefore, companies are looking for individuals with expertise in social media marketing. A course in marketing will empower you to understand social dynamics, which will enable you to create social media posts or blogs that will pull traffic, which translates to more sales.

There are various firms that offer a certified free online course. All it requires is for you to enroll onto their website, start the 2-3 hour video, and do the online exam. Afterward, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion. This will give you an edge compared to your peers.

Information Technology, Coding, and Cyber Security

With information technology slowly becoming a rising trend, employers are looking for individuals who are well acquainted with programming languages and cybersecurity. Actually, for most companies, one of the requirements is computer literacy, as more operations are becoming computer-operated.

There are various online platforms that offer one of the best aws training courses. This online course will introduce you to the basics of coding and cybersecurity measures, like building a firewall to prevent unauthorized success. This will be a great resume addition that will make you more appealing to your employers as you have more to offer.


Analytics is a skill that is sought after by employers; individuals who can get data, analyze, and give informative conclusions from which decisions are made will attract an employer’s interest.

Google and Microsoft Excel offer platforms where interested parties can enroll and learn the invaluable skill of analyzing data. The courses are offered at a fee, but it is definitely with every coin.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a skill that will improve not only your professional life but also your personal life. Having a sit-down and arriving at an effective compromise that benefits both parties is not a skill that employers take lightly.

The art of negotiation means that you are master in emotional intelligence and have good communication skills. These two attributes will trigger an employer’s interest and ensure that you are called for an interview.

Communication Skills

You can not be a good negotiator if you are not an excellent communicator. Communication is an essential part of the daily running of a business. Once you are employed, you will interact with clients, colleagues, and your seniors. Effective communication skills will ensure optimum productivity, improved performance, and minimize time wastage.

Additionally, the company’s image is directly related to the behavior of its employees. Therefore, employers are keen on hiring individuals who effectively communicate, observe office etiquette, and are respectful. Individuals with excellent public relations skills and offer good customer care services.

Therefore, when an employer notices that you are a good communicator, you are more likely to bag the job.

Writing Skills

From writing, emails, letters, reports, and memos, office work requires one to have excellent writing skills. Udemy academy offers an online comprehensive writing course that consists of several modules.

The program is offered at no cost, and the modules are set in a manner that will ensure its learners are equipped with perfect language, accuracy, and simplicity needed in writing. Additionally, the program offers a learning platform in editorial skills. All this will ensure that you are a valuable asset in the company where you will work.

Leadership Skills

Employers are not only looking for individuals who are team players but also exceptional leaders. Individuals who are self-driven and work with minimal supervision. Harvard University offers an annual online leadership platform for free, and adding this to your CV will make you shine among your competition.

In conclusion, employers are now looking for extra certifications and a set of skill-set that is beyond the professional accolades. Enrolling in programs that train you in a particular skill, even if it is not related to your profession line, is advantageous.

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