Steps of a Personal Injury Case After an Auto Accident

Steps of a Personal Injury Case After an Auto Accident from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you have been involved in an automobile accident recently and felt your actions behind the wheel weren’t the cause of the crash, then you may have the beginnings of an excellent personal injury case. Accidents are expensive, and you will want to maximize compensation to help cover the costs of medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses associated with being an injured party in a vehicle mishap.

Collect Evidence at Accident Site

Following the accident and after getting to a safe place away from traffic, it’s important to begin the process of gathering all of the evidence related to the crash. Your attorney will need this information to support their actions in a personal injury case. The type of evidence that would be beneficial to your defense includes a copy of the official police accident report, the other party’s personal (name, address, telephone number, and car insurance policy number) information, a statement from any witnesses of the crash, and photos from the accident site.

Take pictures of every vehicle that was involved in the crash. Photographs of the road conditions will assist with contesting whether weather or certain physical elements played a role in the cause of the accident. It would also be wise to take photos of all injuries sustained. Your attorney will use them as evidence to gain financial compensation. Plus, keep an accurate record of lost time and wages from work.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Your next move is to contact a personal injury attorney like the ones found at to review all of the evidence gathered. Try to refrain from defending yourself, as an attorney’s legal experience will develop a stronger defense for your suffering. Try to hire an attorney who has prior success in gaining maximum compensation from larger insurance companies. For instance, when you click, make sure to hire an attorney who has prior success in gaining maximum compensation from larger insurance companies. Their knowledge of the industry will provide the right course of action in your personal injury case.

Do your research – There are so many different attorneys out there that it can be hard and overwhelming to even know where to begin. To make it easier, start by doing some research on lawyers in general and specifically the city of Kansas City, A Kansas City accident attorney, or whichever city you were involved in the accident. You should also reach out and contact them for any information they might be able to provide about their experience working on cases such as yours.

Attempt to Negotiate a Settlement

The majority of all personal injury cases never see the light of day inside a courtroom. Often, the opposing attorneys negotiate a satisfying financial settlement for all. Usually, this process doesn’t begin until you have concluded all medical treatment for your injuries sustained in the crash. If you cannot gain maximum compensation for your suffering, then it might be wise to file the paperwork for a personal injury lawsuit.

Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

When the art of negotiating fails to gain a satisfying agreement, then it’s time to file a personal injury lawsuit. The nature of the lawsuit will depend on the nature of your accident. For example, a bicycle accident attorney will be able to defend you better if you file a road accident lawsuit. The lead attorneys from both sides will handle every aspect of the case from this point forward. Patience is an important virtue. Depending on the statute of limitations, it may take upwards of one month before your case is heard before a judge in a court of law.

Pre-Trial Litigation Begins

Some legal experts call pre-trial litigation “the discovery portion” of a personal injury case. It allows an attorney to investigate all legal claims that could become the main source of their defense. Often, you will be in constant correspondence with your attorney as they will request personal documents that answer pertinent questions to your case. Depositions will be required from both sides, and witnesses to give sworn testimony of the accident. 

Sometimes, one side will request mediation or resume settlement negotiations during the pre-trial litigation portion of your personal injury case. If an agreement cannot be gained, then a date will be set for your lawsuit to begin. 

Start of a Personal Injury Trial

When mediation or negotiation fails to gain a satisfying resolution for all, then our court system is needed to determine the outcome of a legal dispute. Depending on a number of factors, your trial date could be several months away before your personal injury case is heard in front of a judge.

The trial format will offer a verdict, but the outcome might be less than your expectations. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, it might be in your best interest to seek an appeal and gain rightful justice and compensation.

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