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Square Cash Makes Things Easier

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Man, where has the time gone, soon I will have 2 in college and Gracie is turning 15. Lots of changes going on in my house. But one thing that never changes is the need to send and receive money. Because Maddie recently had her purse stolen we have had to find ways to send her cash that would not only allow her to get it quickly but also be secure. It takes three days by mail to send her a check but we have found a great app that will allow us to send her money in a blink of an eye.

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I was very skeptical at first about Square Cash but after trying it I am totally on board with it. It is basically a virtual Visa Account that allows you to send and receive money with just a few taps on your cell phone. And since I know that Maddie is never without her phone I know that she will be able to receive the cash asap.

Gracie quince anos Square cash

This has also come in handy as we are planning Gracie’s quincearña and we have been able to put aside money for this. Plus it is a tradition for her Godparents (padrinos) to help pay for her party, so they can send the money that way. That is really convenient since most of them live in Virginia and Texas.

Square Cash App

And there are so many benefits to using Square Cash. Just look at this list

• Its offers instant deposits to your bank account just like PayPal does.
• It has a minimal design that is easy to use.
• It doesn’t include a social sharing element in its app, making it the more secure option.
• There’s no account required to receive money so there aren’t in sign up or hidden fees.
• It is safe and secure, using your passcode and your touch ID and it is also available on Google Play.

So what are you waiting for try Square Cash now?

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