Shopping is the best activity ever


I love to shop. Did you know that there have been studies that show how shopping can relax some people? For me, it can go either way. It all depends on what mood I am and what the crowds are like. I do not like shopping in crowds but give me a computer and the ability to shop online and I am happy as a clam. Shopping allows me to be creative with what I buy. Ask yourself this how many times have you gone to a store with an x amount of money and a long shopping list? In that kind of situation I make shopping into a game. I challenge myself to see how many of the items I can buy without going over the amount of money that I have to spend. I will admit that sometimes I get frustrated with the game, and there are times that I get embarrassed at the register when I realize that I did not add the items up correctly and I am over what I have to spend. (Thankfully that does not happen a lot) But even after all that I still love shopping because it gets my creative juices following.

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