Book Review: Crown Deception

Did you know that you could make a crown for your tooth and make a secret compartment inside? Well in the book, Crown Deception by Howard Lufburrow, that is exactly what happens. This book involves smuggling, spies, murder and mystery.

Here is a brief summary of the book.

The story begins in the little town of Triumph, Texas where Jake Patterson DDS is called to the county morgue to consult on a dental anomaly discovered during a recent autopsy. Although he expresses his distaste for the morgue, he is eager to help his friend Paul Baker, Triumph Police chief. The coroner shows Jake a strange symbol on a deceased male’s crowned tooth.

The next day, as he is preparing to leave for a visit to The Netherlands to attend a dental conference and to visit his Dutch grandparents, he sees the same symbol on a new patient’s crowned tooth. Meanwhile, something is amiss at Lansdun International, a Dutch-owned biotechnology research firm and a major employer in the town of Triumph. Buck McFadden, a computer technician working within a secret lab facility contained on the Texas Lansdun site, contacts Kate Williams, facility director. He tells her that he suspects an unknown substance is being smuggled into the lab, information he believes places him in grave danger. In Kate’s opinion, Buck appears to be overreacting. She wants to help him, but it will have to wait until she returns from her corporate meeting in The Netherlands.

Jake and Kate are on the same flight to The Netherlands and plan to meet after their meetings to see the country. However, Kate and Jake find themselves involved in the middle of the corporate espionage.  

This book is a real page turner and a very easy read. If you love a good suspense thriller than this is the book for you. I loved how the chance meeting between two acquaintances turns into a crazy adventure and possibly a lifetime of  adventure. The characters of Jake and Kate are very believable. I can see them as my next door neighbor or friends. They are nervous about the situation that they have become involved with and they are worried about each other’s safety. What begins on an airplane ride to the Netherlands turns into a lifetime of togetherness.

This book is written by Howard Lufburrow. Here is a little bit about him. He writes about what he knows, he is a dentist by trade. Crown Deception is his first novel.  He is lives in Texas and is married and have 2 grown children and three grandchildren. Interested in finding out more about Lufburrow and his book, Crown Deception check out his website.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for the sole purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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