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What if your dog died and then came back as a ghost…that could talk? Would you welcome him back with open arms or run away scared to death? 

This is the premise of IT’S JUST A DOG, a new novel about love, loss, and one man’s dog who rises up yapping from the grave.

Charlie Keefe is not just your typical dog lover –– he’s a world famous dog painter, a.k.a. “The Picasso of Pooch Portraits”. Unfortunately, Charlie’s beloved muse, Pete, his lovable Jack Russell terrier, has just died. And he’s totally devastated by the loss of his furry best friend.

So, after months of grieving over his dearly departed soulmate, Charlie reluctantly agrees to foster a new puppy –– a cute Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Brownie from the local animal shelter. Soon after, Charlie is surprised to find himself falling head over heels with this new puppy girl, his ‘Rebound Dog’, as he calls her –– as well as being romantically attracted to Janelle Jordan, the head hound at the dog


But then complications arise when the ghost of his old dog, Pete, mysteriously reappears one night and comes back to haunt him and the new puppy –– setting off a bizarre chain of events that throw Charlie’s life, career, and entire belief system into chaos!

If you’ve enjoyed such classic dog books as The Art of Racing in the Rain and A Dog’s Purpose, then you are bound to find a place in your heart for IT’S JUST A DOG –  Part Book, Part Blog, ALL DOG, (Okay, there may be a few cat videos, too, to show some love for the other team!)

Here is what I thought about this cute book. This book came at the right time we have just recently lost our fur baby, Winnie. I only wish that Winnie could come back like Pete did. But unlike Charlie, we had two other dogs besides Winnie when she died. But her loss is still felt today.

This is such a sweet book and great for animal lovers. I wish this would actually come true. It reminded me a lot of the movie, Frankenweenie, where the little boy bought his dog back to live. I could not help but think as Brownie, the rebound dog, was being described she reminded me a lot of our current dog, Allie.

Unlike Pete who took pleasure in ruling the house and leaving “presents” for Charlie, our dogs have never once left little “surprises” for us even when they were in the puppy stage. Just recently we let our bigger do, Tutu in house and she was calm enjoyed walking around the house. She loves going up to the full length mirror in Mikaela’s room and looking at herself in the mirror. Unlike Allie who does not like looking at herself in the mirror.

Portion of the sales of this book will be donated to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, Ca. I love this book and I think you will as well. I just want to leave you with this quote that can be found in the acknowledgments section of the book.

“Being a dog widower has taught me that it doesn’t matter if you have a dog ten years or ten months- the pain and hurt is still the same. Fortunately, the good part is that the love never dies.”

I love that quote and I will think of it every time I think about our dear Winnie.

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About the Author 

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Aside from being a dog lover and a dog widower, RUSS RYAN has written and developed screenplays with the Hollywood producers of American Pie, Final Destination, and Fireflies in the Garden. He was also a writer on a really bad teen comedy, National Lampoon’s Repli-kate, starring Eugene Levy. This is his first novel.


In addition, he is the creator of Meansheets, a vintage movie poster blog that focuses on the greatest artists and illustrators from the 1940?s-1980?s.

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I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.


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