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DIY Dog Games

Perhaps you don’t have the luxury of a fenced yard or a field behind your house for your furry friend to run.  Or maybe you really need some rainy day alternatives to a long walk outside when your dog is getting antsy.  If you’re homebound, has a few DIY games to get your canine moving.

The Light Show: For dogs who love to chase

Grab a tiny flashlight, dim the lights, and let the games begin.  If your dog enjoys a good chase, check out your dog’s response when you run the light up and down a dark hallway or living room.  It’s almost impossible not to race after that mysterious light.  You can also purchase an inexpensive laser pointer for the added thrill of watching your dog try to eat tiny dots of light off the floor.

The Obstacle Course: For dogs who love to fetch

First, pick a dog-proof spot in your home that you don’t mind a little rough and tumble.  Add a few boxes, pillows, and blankets to the space to create a mini obstacle course, and walk your dog around the lay of the land.  If your dog enjoys fetching, find any old tennis ball shoved in the back of your closet to toss around the obstacle course.  If your dog responds well to treats, you’ve got a reward for every leap over a box or crawl through a blanket tunnel.

The Treat Quest: For dogs who love to hunt

A simple game of hide and seek can make for the perfect dog adventure.  Introduce your dog to the treats you will be hiding so the smell is familiar.  While your dog is in the other room and you are hiding the treats, make distinct noises or call your dog’s name so your pup is curious. Make sure you have both easy-to-find treats as well as more challenging hiding spots.  When you’re ready, let your dog loose.  You may want a phrase to repeat to keep the excitement alive after all the easy treats are discovered.  And you know all dogs love to tricks for treats and food

You don’t have to break the budget with new toys!  Entertaining your dog can be simple and fun with DIY games right from home.

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