Momma is Going Practical with Cloth Diapers


If you are about to contemplate whether you would go for the cloth diapers but don’t know the benefits and practicality of it, well, we are here to help you out, dear Momma. No need to worry about your baby’s pee and poop. We offer a more practical solution.

Here are a few reasons why Cloth Diapers are way better than the disposable ones.


Yes, you’ve read that right. Cloth diapers are way cheaper than going for the disposable. Disposable diapers will take at least $2,000 during the entirety of your child’s diaper wearing days. And if you choose to buy organic ones, it will cost you $3,000. Sounds scary right? As if the all your salary will just go on the diapers alone. But, if you decide to go for the cloth diapers, you will only spend around $500. See the huge gap difference?

You see, disposable diapers are manufactured and are made with chemicals that really cost something. Then, of course, there’s the packaging and marketing and whatnot. And since it is disposable, you keep on buying. And the market price these days just keeps on coming up.

While for a cloth diaper, you can use it as long as your baby needs a diaper.

It is good for the Environment

If you think about it, in every waking day, how many times does your child change their diaper? Now multiply that by a year. Then let’s take it bigger. Think of all the babies that use diaper each day, then multiply that by a year. Looks scary. Like, where do all those dirty diapers go? Well, they just go to landfills, and that’s it. Imagine all the waste you make by going for disposable diapers. I mean, sooner or later, it might not be you who will suffer the results of what this will do to our environment, but your kid might. So if you can’t take that in your conscience, then the cloth diapers will help ease that guilt.

It is more ABSORBENT

Cloth diapers, since they are cloth, they tend to absorb more liquid and not so liquid, if you know what I mean. For most disposable diapers, you experience leaks. Now for the cloth diaper, it is just super absorbent and won’t give you any leaks even during the middle of the night. So, happy baby, happy mommy.

Disposable diapers and its chemicals

Did you know that most diapers are bleached with Dioxin? This chemical causes nerve damage, birth defect, higher rates of miscarriage to the immune system of an animal. So if that can be the result for an animal, it may also have implications that might harm your baby.

Also, the super absorbent gelling material they use is called Sodium Polyacrylate. While this allows your baby to go long hours in a diaper, this certain chemical is said to give your baby allergic reactions because this chemical is potentially lethal to pets.

Now you will hear those big companies saying that they only use a small amount of these chemicals in making your baby’s diaper. But if that’s the case, why still use it?

For the sake of your baby boy’s future

Scientists have found that your baby boy’s genitals experience a much higher temperature when using a disposable diaper, compared to cloth diapers. Generally, cloth diapers are very breathable, but the disposable ones aren’t, no matter how much they advertise that they are. Now scientists also suggest that long use of diapers in babies can be an important factor that leads toward the decreased sperm production in males.

They are just a lot cuter

Let’s face it, cloth diapers are much cuter. Babies are presentable even with just the cloth diaper alone. Cloth diapers have lots of designs, colors you can choose from. It’s really fun to use.

[info_box type=”gray_box”]I am Stacy, a mother of two. A housewife and an avid writer. My passion is to build a loving home with my kind and caring husband and two beautiful kids. I don’t know about you, but I am a believer of cloth diaper. Not only is it cheaper and good the environment. But it is also a lot good for my baby. See my blog at[/info_box]



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