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Sports are such a big part of our family life,especially soccer. But it wasn’t always like that. When my girls were younger that wasn’t the case. There were no sports organizations for them to play in now there are tons around here. They were always in between age groups when they were interested in playing so we could never find a team for them to play on. I often asked myself why don’t more people and companies step up and sponsor sports team for our youth. For some this may be the deciding factor between walking on the right side of the law instead of the wrong side.

Even now I ask the same question? One of my daughters has even expressed interest in travel ball, but sadly there weren’t enough girls that tried out to  even make up a team. I mean the sign up fee to try out was almost $200 so I can see why most parents would be hestiaste to have their child sign up. And that money is gone if she doesn’t make the team. Why can’t we make it easy and affordable for our children, the future of this country, to follow their dream.


Searching the web for some answers to this question I came across a few companies that really impressed me but one really stood out above the rest and that was Pear.  Never heard of Pear before well now I am here to inform you. They help brands and communities build connections through sponsorship programs, gifts awards and more. It is about raising money for groups or events. So less will come out of our pockets and the companies in the community have a way to give back. They help K- 12 schools, charities, non profits and sports leagues of all kinds. I think it is a pretty awesome program that you should check out.

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