How to Remove Fake Tan from White Clothes

How to Remove Fake Tan from White Clothes from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Most people are opting for a tan look through the summer months. Maybe you want to look bronzed or maintain the summer look. A fake tan is the best way to do this. Yes, a fake tan may look flawless, but it isn’t a hassle-free process. Be it bras, sheets, or bathroom floors, a fake tan stain is unavoidable. If the stains persist, they’ll cause permanent damage. And you don’t want orange stains everywhere. Here’s how to remove fake tan from white clothes

1. Treat the Fabrics 

Your sheets, towels, and clothing are the most susceptible items to fake tan stains. This is because they’re in direct contact with your body. Unless your clothes are white or very pale, the stains usually come at 40 degrees Celsius. 

However, for pale and white clothes, use a hot wash to remove stubborn stains. Alternatively, try a bleaching solution or a pre-wash powder to remove the stains. 

When cleaning fake tan stains on your wool or silk cloth, use a warm solution of water and washing-up liquid. Wash up to 30 degrees Celsius.

2. Wipe Surfaces 

If the fake tan spills on a floor or your cloth, try and wipe it up soonest possible. Doing this helps avoid potential stains.

Also, be careful where you stand after applying a fake tan. Stay away from wooden floors, porous surfaces, and tiles with grout, as they absorb fake tan quickly.  If your favorite white shirt has got a stubborn tan stain and you have tried enough to remove it but could not get any success, then you contact a professional to help you. You may click here for more information on the same.

3. Don’t Ignore Clear Tan 

Some tanning drops are bright in color. Yes, they might not transfer to your clothes when you wear them. But remember, whether the tan is visible or not will transfer to your clothes, especially when you sweat.  

For instance, a three-day-old tan may transfer from your underarms to bra straps. It’ll also move to your socks, especially when you’re wearing closed shoes.

Even better, it’ll reduce the impact of fake stains by opting for dark socks or underwear. With this, the blemishes will be less visible. Removing the stains requires you to wash your clothes at 40 degrees Celsius after wearing them. Alternatively, you can opt for spot treatment to eliminate stubborn stains. 

4. Remove Fake Tan Stains 

If you’ve orange tinges on your favorite white cloth, you’ll want to remove them from your clothes. Here’s what you’ll need to do. 

  • Use an oxygen-based bleach, especially for white clothes.  Don’t do this in colored clothes. Otherwise, you’ll end up dulling them. 
  • Read the product label and use it to clean your clothes. For instance, you may soak it for eight or so hours. It’s advisable to test this on a small area. 
  • Complete the cleaning with a wash in your washing machine. 

5. Removing Fake Tan Stain on Clothes that don’t go In the Washing Machine 

Some clothes are quite delicate, and getting into a washing machine can be tricky. However, if you’re keen, you’ll remove them. Here’s what to do: 

  • Blot the stain gently with a mixture of water and detergent. 
  • Use a glycerin cleaner. It helps draw the stains out of your clothes. 
  • Go for the experts. If nothing seems to work, don’t rub or scrub harder. The professional cleaners 

Once you know how to remove fake tan stains from your clothes, don’t panic. So long as you act quickly and decisively, you’ll remove the stains from your clothes. 


If you’re in doubt about whether spray tan stains your clothes, the answer is yes, it will. But the good thing is, the spray tan comes off your clothes if you’re fast, the better.

For this to happen, read the care labels and keenly follow them. Also, ensure you’re using quality detergents that are soft on your skin and excellent at removing stains.

Even before washing your clothes in the machine, soak them in running water. It’ll loosen the stain. However, don’t rub the fabric as it risks spreading the stain or damaging the fabric. 

Exercise caution when removing the fake tan stains. If they prove troublesome, don’t force them. It may end up destroying your fabric. At this point, the solution is to take the clothes to an expert. It’ll help rid the stains and protect the fabric.

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