Need Books For College? Why Not Rent Them?

This post is brought to you Campus Book Rentals.

My oldest has moved on to a four year university. Moving from a community college to a bigger university can be scary and a little on the expensive side. We have learned to cut corners on expenses whenever possible and one of those ways is by using Campus Book Rentals. If you are not familiar with this program, let me tell you a little bit about it. It is program where college students can rent their books and save from 40%-90% off of campus bookstore prices. I find this pretty amazing especially since my middle daughter will be following her older sister to college in a few years.

Now the savings is a huge perk for this mom but there are other perks to using a book rental program as well. First off the shipping to rent the book and then to return it is free. I don’t know about you but have you noticed that sometimes the shipping can be almost as expensive as what you bought. Even though Maddie is renting her books she can still highlight and mark in the book. This is great for anyone that is a visual learner. The amount of time that you allowed to rent is flexible. I also love that with each textbook rented a donation is given to a charity called Operation Smile.

Interested to see how this all works just check out the video below. I think it will answer all the questions you might have.

This amazing company has also started a new program called Rentback.  This program allows students to rent the textbooks that they themselves own to other students.  This allows the poor college student to have a little cash in their pocket. Now you may ask how this is different from the money that they would make through the bookstores buyback options. Well let me explain, because they are renting their books out to other students over and over again instead of one time cash transactions they will have several, giving them more cash in their pocket. This will allow them to make 2-4X the money that they would have made otherwise.

I don’t know about your child but all of Maddie’s books for college  this semester are rentals. She saved so much money by doing it this way. She knows that she will be looking at making student loan payments in the future and wants to make sure it is the smallest amount possible and by using a book rental service she is doing just that.

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