3 Fun Theme Ideas To Consider for Your Bathroom

3 Fun Theme Ideas To Consider for Your Bathroom

Y’all, nothing bothers me more than a cookie-cutter house design. I’ve always wanted my home to stand out from others on the block. One way to achieve this goal is to pick a theme for every room. I love walking through someone’s place to see the different ideas they’ve chosen. Y’all should check out these three fun theme ideas to consider for your bathroom if you want to impress your guests.


Y’all, wouldn’t it be awesome if your bathroom felt like the ocean? Imagine chilling in the tub, hearing the waves crashing toward the shore. Good news! It’s fairly simple to make this dream a reality. Mermaid and fish scale tiles have become increasingly popular in the design world. You can use them to capture the ocean effect you’re looking for. Another thought is to use lots of blue, so the space reminds people of the water. Folks will be impressed by your bold choice and may even carry the trend into their own bathroom.


When designing the interior of my house, I made sure there was at least one space that was solely mine. In my home, that place is the bathroom. I’ve noticed a lot of folks do this as well. They want to create an oasis in their house where they can relax. Implementing a bohemian style is the best way to capture this feeling. Use neutral tones on the wall and incorporate wood where you can. Another staple of this design is to bring the outdoors in. So, don’t be afraid to put some greenery in the room to add some color to the look.


I’m all about achieving a luxury design on a budget, y’all. You don’t need to include marble tile in the space to make things look fancy. Instead, doing things like following a black or white color scheme will make the restroom feel more luxurious. Also, consider spray painting all the fixtures gold, so they appear more expensive than they are. Visitors will think you spent thousands of bucks creating the look.

These three fun theme ideas to consider for your bathroom will bring out your creativity. A bonus is that the changes may increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Some buyers, like myself, don’t want a cookie-cutter design. So, don’t be afraid to take risks; they pay off big in the end.

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