Most Beneficial Electronics for Your Child

Most Beneficial Electronics for Your Child

In today’s day and age, it’s nearly impossible to avoid an influx of electronics completely. They’re everywhere, running most parts of our lives. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it doesn’t feel great to rely on them completely. That’s one of the main reasons why we, as parents, try to keep our children away from them when we can. However, it’s not feasible to keep them away from all of them. That’s why I occasionally give in and get my children the occasional electronic toy, but I make sure it has advantages to them (or me) somehow. So, here’s my list of the most beneficial electronics for your child.


If y’all don’t think your child is ready for a full-blow smartphone, a smartwatch is a good starting point. It will allow them to connect with friends and play games on the go, but it’s on a much smaller, cheaper device. Plus, since it’s attached to their wrist, it’ll be harder to break or lose. As a bonus for parents, you can use them to call your kid when they’re not nearby or track them if you are unsure of where they are.

The only real downside is that they can confuse children who haven’t used anything like them before. Setup, in particular, is often challenging, so make sure to get the watch ready for them to use before you let them try it for the first time.


Whether your kid already likes reading or you want to encourage them to do so, e-readers are perfect for kids. Since they look and feel like a tablet, your children will automatically want one. On top of having all their books in one easy location, they can get an audiobook if the book they’re interested in is a little outside their reading level. Plus, if their school allows it, carrying one of these around is much easier than lugging around a bunch of books.

Speakers or Headphones

If your kid loves to sing or dance, giving them a way to listen to music independently is a great way to provide them with a sense of freedom. They can go turn on their own speaker in their room instead of having to ask you to play something on yours. On the other side of things, headphones are a great choice if y’all don’t necessarily like the music they like.

All-In-One Game Consoles

You may feel like your child is too young for a real gaming console, and that’s completely fine. However, if y’all want to introduce them to gaming on a smaller scale, my final suggestion for my list of the most beneficial electronics for your child would be an all-in-one gaming console. These either come in handheld versions or ones that can plug into the TV. They are much cheaper than real consoles and come with tons of games for your kids to play.

They’re not always the best quality, so if your son or daughter plays games regularly at a friend’s house, they might not enjoy one of these; but as I said, these are great for introducing your children to the wide world of gaming and are ideal for younger kids.

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