New Hobby Ideas for Your Teenager

New Hobby Ideas for Your Teenager

When my kids were growing up, I hated when they wasted their summers watching TV all day. I used to beg them to go outside and get some fresh air. I now realize that I didn’t present cool enough outdoor ideas for them to try. So now, I want to share these new hobby ideas for your teenager, so they don’t turn into a couch potato all summer.


Teenagers love talking about their feelings. I remember the days of listening to my teens when they came from school. Blogging is one way they could express their feelings and sharpen their writing skills.

Drone Racing

Y’all, if your child loves technology, then this is the pastime for them. Do some research to discover the top racing drones and perhaps gift them one for their birthday. Drone racing is a blast because it takes laser focus, and yet, it’s still fun to watch. Therefore, it’s a new hobby idea for your teenager.


Summer is here. It’s time for people to get their green thumbs ready. Teenagers who are worried about sustainability would make perfect gardeners. They can help grow vegetables for the family and enjoy the fruits of their own labor. Plus, y’all can try out some new recipes with the fruits and veggies they grow.


Teenagers post pictures these days. However, one day they’ll want to go through old snapshots and relive the glory days. So, another new hobby for your teenager to try is scrapbooking so that they can go through the memories they’ve made. They can put together all their favorite shots and show their friends all the memories they’ve made thus far. I’m getting misty just thinking about it.

I remember fighting with my teenagers to get out and do something during the summer. Now I know that I just didn’t frame my argument the right way. I should’ve presented them with hobbies so that they had something else to do other than sit on the couch. So, give these ideas a try so your teenagers don’t just watch Netflix all day.

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