Hand Luggage – What Can You Bring, Besides a Baby Processor?

flying with baby food

It can say that the rules related to flying with baby milk and food are what parents want to know when traveling with little kids. In some recent years, it has started tightening the regulations. It can hear a myriad of horror stories about baby formula and food that are confiscated.

In this article, we give the effects of the rule and the way to avoid some problem at the airport. Originally, these guidelines were established in America. Nonetheless, now, they are adopted all around the world, but it is probably that a couple of locations are different. So, you should just apply these guidelines after you check the information related to the airport.

Aside from Baby Food Processor, What Can You Still Bring as Hand Luggage?

Packing Gels, Aerosols, and Liquids in Cabin Baggage – The Current Rules

Do you want to carry gels, aerosols, and liquids in your personal luggage, nappy cream, diaper, for example? So, you need to put them in the containers no more than 3oz ~ 100ml.

It means that you don’t likely carry a 3-oz diaper in a container with 6oz. The container itself isn’t over 3oz. Then, it uses a transparent no more one quart and put your containers in here. Don’t forget to seal the top.

Using the zip-top bag

It is enabled using other kinds of bag. Even, it must fit with your containers. Everyone is only carried one bag. In additional, you should also know that it doesn’t require transparent with the 3oz containers, but the zip-top bag is to force.

When coming to the airport security, you need to take it out of the zip-top bag and present it to screen a separating way. It remembers to seal the zip-top bag.

Baby Food and Formula – It Likely Takes on the Plane and Needs to Seal in 3oz Container, Doesn’t It?

For baby food and formula, it doesn’t need to apply the rules of gels and liquids.

  • Baby food

The best is to carry an enough amount of baby food. In some cases, the carried baby food is too much, so the security staff decides the allowed amount. Accordingly, if possible, you should carry the whole bananas or anything that you may open and eat it right away on the airplane. Like that, the rules of gels and liquids cannot affect you.

It is necessary to declare the canned food, jarred one and liquid, except the powder food for babies, is exempt. Don’t forget to avoid putting the baby food over 3oz in the zip-top bags.

A good suggest for you is to carry a food processor. According to latest food processor reviews, this device can help you mix a small amount of liquid as well as food. Instead of carrying the pureed ingredients or the liquid food for baby, you can easily puree the whole banana or avocado (these foods help you avoid the rules of liquids, gels,…).

Formula + food + juice

  • Formula & juice

If you take formula and juice on the plane, you must follow the similar rules. Although you can carry them with a large amount for your trip, you must present to the security staff to check.

Powdered Formula & Water to Mix Can Take on the Airplane, Cannot They?

  • Water

Even though the amount of formula brought via the aircraft is no restrictions, water is a different issue. It is known that parents are enabled to carry a bottle for the formula-making need, there are many cases that need to use water.

The best is to purchase the bottled water at the airport. Or simply, you can ask water on the airplane. It’s okay!

  • Breast milk

Similarly, for breast milk, mothers are also only allowed carrying a reasonable amount and follow the rules at the security that we mentioned above.

Recently, the regulations have had the changes. For the time being, mothers can still take breast milk on the plane whether no their children as long as the security has checked.

Have or No – Ice Packs Are Used on the Plane

Using ice packs – it doesn’t often have any concrete guidelines. Nevertheless, some of them have contained gel, so the security staff often confiscates because of that reason.

An advice for you is to replace the ice pack by a zip-top bag before you present it to the security staff. In some cases, several parents have the habit using a bag of frozen vegetables, instead, an ice pack. By this way, you can be exempt from restrictions because they aren’t considered as a gel or liquid. This one is still to depend on the security in the airport.

It hopes that the information will be useful for parents when traveling with their children. Don’t forget to check the information about the chosen airport after considering our article. Happy traveling enjoy!

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