Making appetizing appetizers


Are you the type of person who likes to experiment with ingredients to make incredible cooking creations? Or are you like me opening up a box of crackers and some cheese is your idea of before dinner appetizers? Well don’t fret you do not have to be a Martha Stewart in the kitchen to present to your guest appetizers that will sure to make their mouths water. First and foremost remember presentation is everything. If you do not spend a lot of time on your presentation then your appetizers may look less appetizing to your guest. Take a little time in this department and the cheese and crackers that you serve will make your guests feel like they are eating with royalty. The next piece of advice I can give you is to try the recipe out a couple days before your party. Nothing is worse than trying a new recipe when you have company coming over to find out that they taste awful or look like crap and your guest are ringing the doorbell. I am so bad about that one. Also know your skill level in the kitchen do not try some elaborate recipe when you are not a gourmet chef that is just a recipe for disaster. Also here is another tip that I use quite often, combine store bought with homemade and you will sure to have a hit on your hands.

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