How to Create a Circle Letter

how to create a circle letter

Did you know that this past week was national letter writing week?  I will have to admit that I didn’t but I do now. I have been reading a lot of books by Christian authors that are mainly Amish based in the story. The other day I was reading the book The Atonement by Beverly Lewis.

In this book, the main character received a circle letter. That got me a little curious and I decided to research it a little more. And this is what I found out. First I know you are probably asking what is a circle letter? Well, it is a letter started within groups of people that have similar interests according to Amish Wisdom.

  • You need to have at least 8-12 people who want to participate.
  • After you get your people together you can put them in any order you like.
  • Write names and addresses on a piece of paper and include inside the letter.
  • Then start writing. Write a cheerful, newsy note (letter) to the group and mail it to the person below you on the list.
  • After that person receives the letter and reads it, they will then add to the letter with their news. And then they will mail their letter and your letter to the next person on the list.
  • It continues until it reaches the last person on the list who will send the letter back to you. It is like a written form of the old game telephone.
  • Once you get your letter back remove it, and add a new letter to the other letters and send it on. Making another circle through the group.

I love the idea of circle letter because people can share their news in written form and it begins a sense of community with it. I will admit that I have wanted to start one for a while because letter writing is a lost art form. I am hoping to start this soon. And when I do I will let you know how it goes.

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