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bloI must admit that when I first started blogging I thought it would be mainly tips to save money. But then, I thought that I am so much more than that. So yes I do share tips and deals, but not just that. I do save money on items that are considered necessities from time to time. But let’s face it there are some months that we are living paycheck to paycheck, so every penny saved is awesome.


I used to follow some bloggers whose main goals were about saving money. In fact, I know a few and I realized that these bloggers were not the ordinary everyday people that you would meet on the street. These bloggers blog about saving money often times posting deals that they will get paid to post and not disclosing they are getting paid to post those deals. Now there is nothing wrong with making money the problem I have with this is that they are not disclosing that they themselves are getting paid to promote those deals.


I have also seen and met some bloggers who claim to be frugal, but who really aren’t. I am not going to name names. Me, I am frugal but the main focus of my blog is just survival plain and simple. Now I am not saying that all bloggers are like that, because most aren’t. So be careful when checking out blogs about saving money.

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