Last Minute Vacation Destinations That We Love

We’ve all had quite enough methinks. Enough of the past year, enough of the negative news, enough of the anxiety and angst, and we think it’s time that families all across the United States dial out and recharge in time for the new year, and the great news is that there is still time to get your family together for an escape to the great vistas and landscapes of America.

But, what is even better news than that, is that thanks to the current madness of the local and global economy, you can do just that without having to remortgage your house, so you can enjoy checking out some of the best hotels with jacuzzi in room.

Here are our top picks for this December and if this is too short notice, never mind – a January vacation seems like a great way to start the new year.

Boston, Massachusetts

An ideal winter getaway for families wanting a little bit of culture added to their vacation. As one of the first major cities of the United States and home to some of our most revered cultural and historical events, icons, and museums, Boston in the winter isn’t just a winter wonderland enjoying snowfall and beautiful cityscapes but is one the most affordable cities for American families too.

Vail and Beaver Creek, Colorado

Colorado remains in so many ways the ultimate winter destination for Americans and tourists from around the world. Not only can families or couples enjoy world-class skiing, but from Denver to the rest of the state, visitors are treated to glorious vistas, a perfect winter wonderland that encompasses all of those gorgeous postcard moments we know and love. Fabulous restaurants, bars, grand hotels, family lodges, nightlife, and more await the tourist. Vail has varied terrain and fabulous shopping – all in one!

Orange County, California

You might be wondering how this locale found its way onto an “affordable” list of destinations, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Even though the name Orange County is usually associated with the California elite, the county itself is loaded with wholesome and affordable family activities and escapes most of the icy weather that some other parts of the country might be experiencing. Gorgeous beaches, sunsets, cocktails, shopping, and nightlife beckon in an environment that is absolutely stunning besides. Find some great deals for OC, here.

Nashville, Tennessee

There is not enough space in this post to extol all the virtues of one of the countries most loved cities. Nashville holds more than just interest for those who have a love of music, the city is home to amazing nightlife, museums, and galleries and the climate in winter is arguably way more friendly than their northern neighbors. Enjoy real southern hospitality and charm.

America offers a winter wonderland as well as sun-kissed beaches for budding tourists and if it’s time to get your family together for a long-overdue road trip, well the United States is blessed with an abundance of those too.

Vacations are not just about getting away from it all and destressing (although, those two reasons alone are great reasons for a holiday), but they’re also about reconnecting with family, bonding, laughing, and sharing experiences all of which, create lasting memories.

Safe travels!  

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