Family Ski and Snowboard Trips: Top Tips for Surviving a Vacation on the Slopes

Family Ski and Snowboard Tips-Top Tips for Surviving a Vacation on the Slopes

It’s winter and time to head to the slopes with the family for skiing and snowboarding.  However, before you take off and hit the slopes, make a beeline for the following tips on the subject.

Choose a Matching Mountain

Scores of mountains exist in the US and Canada, but which destinations are best for your family?  It may not matter how popular the destination is or the exact altitude of the slopes.  Smaller resorts are often family friendly and could be cost efficient.  So, the ‘top’ places to go may not be optimal choices for your family.  Rather than rely on the hype of ski magazines and sites, choose a resort that’s a good match for the entire family.

Consider the Weather

The weather is a vAriable regarding a day on the slopes.  Depending on the age and ability of family members, some days may warrant lesser time on the slopes than others.  For example, a day that’s bitterly cold can make young kids miserable and unappreciative of the outdoors.  Moreover, heavy snowfall may be great news to avid skiers and boarders yet make the slopes more crowded, dangerous, or intimidating for beginners.

Pack Added Patience

Taking kids anywhere can be a challenge.  Don’t forget to be more than patient and know when to take command or let kids make decisions for themselves.  For example, don’t let them dictate what to wear; helmets are a necessity.  Alternatively, if they would like to try and ski alone rather than take a lesson, respect their decision to try and learn on their own.  Remember that it’s a vacation for the entire family.  Being extra patient will be a blessing for you and family members.  In worst case scenarios, perhaps it’s best to hire a sitter to stay with some children back at Snowmass rentals rather than take reluctant family members to the slopes.

Added Confidence

Ski and board lessons can provide added confidence to newcomers.  Some kids are naturally athletic while others need to practice to get the hang of each sport.  If your child is a newcomer with little confidence, pay for a lesson, which is more than worth the investment.  If a child has a positive experience, they’ll be more likely to want to stay on the slopes longer and return for other vacations.

Small Briberies

Depending on age and temperament, some children need a bit of convincing.  Tell them that they can earn a reward for good behavior, proper attention to safety, etc.  Kids can be fickle and quickly become a nuisance without something to look forward to.  Older kids realize that time on the mountain, fresh air, and skiing or boarding with the family is a reward in itself, but younger children may respond better to small briberies.

Seek Comfort

Be sure children have the appropriate gear for each sport.  They need to feel comfortable, so if you’re renting gear, be sure that the employees pay added attention to comfort levels of the kids.

Poppy Thomas is a stay at home Mom of 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a hard-working husband. She loves traveling, particularly Winter travel, and plans the family vacation months in advance. She has taken her love for travel 1 step further by writing travel articles for family blogs and travel sites.

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