Why California Should Be On Your Bucket List

California is perhaps one of the most famous places in the USA of all time. It is an area of the world that is often famed for its TV shows, food, and vibrant culture.

If you fancy taking a trip to California and staying at the Fullerton Marriott at California State University, you will be in for a treat with some amazing things. Here is everything about California that should firmly place it on your bucket list.

The Beaches

Everyone who has heard of California will immediately picture sunny skies, palm trees, and crystal clear waters of the sea. California is a stunning area of the USA that has one of the most vibrant seaside atmospheres in the world. If you want to visit a sunny beach where you can dance, do yoga, and even a workout, here is the place to be.


California is a wonderful area for nature and wildlife alike, and due to the mild climate, it is the perfect place for many different creatures to make a home. You will be able to visit some stunning national parks in the state, such as Yosemite National Park, and it will allow you to take a hike in the countryside and come face to face with big birds, bears, and even big cats. It is the perfect place to come if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


As we’ve touched on already, California has a wealth of amazing outdoor spaces for you to explore and have an adventure with during your stay. You could go mountain biking in the hills, scuba diving in the sea, or simply hiking in the national parks. There are many activities to enjoy outdoors so you can really make your holiday into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for yourself and your family.

The Film Industry

As you will likely know, most of the biggest films and TV shows are made in this state, and this makes it also home to many of the biggest stars in the world. If you love films and enjoy finding and visiting filming locations, you will have a field day in this part of the USA. If you’re into old Westerns, you can check out Pioneertown, a movie set turned town not far from Joshua Tree National Park. There are also places from American Horror Story, Star Wars, and tons of other famous franchises that you can visit.

The Climate

The weather in California is surprisingly diverse, and throughout the year, you can experience heat waves, rainfall, big storms, and even snow in some cases. It is a wonderfully weird and wild place that will keep you on your toes at all times. It will never get boring.


One of the things that makes California really stand out in the USA is the vibrant and buzzing art scene that lives within the state. The beauty of the art in this part of the country is that there is much more than just art galleries. You have live art shows, street art, modern art, and even moving art. If you can think of a type of artwork, California will have it. It’s a wonderful cultural hotspot which you have to see to believe.

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