Top Tips To Look Sweety Rather Than Sweaty This Summer

Top Tips To Look Sweety Rather Than Sweaty This Summer from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The chilling days have gone and now slow and steadily mercury has started to rise. This is the time when people make major changes in their wardrobe and closet. The is the time to bid farewell to those warm clothes and sweaters and bring in new and bright, lightweight dresses for the hotter months. The most irritating and stressing thing that people face is the sweat the summer days bring in. It makes people uncomfortable and ‘not-ready’ for the situations. There are a number of tips which can help you with controlling sweat and looking amazing during these hot summers and they are:

Go for loose clothes

In summer the loose, the better. It is a fact that you will feel more comfortable if the clothes touch less part of your body. For the same reason choosing a maxi dress will be better than opting for shorts or tights. You can easily shop for maxi dresses online and can even use vajor sale to get a dashing discount.

Say no to padded bras

The idea is to feel free and cool. So opting for a padded bra is not a good idea as it will make you feel tight and suffocating. You can rather opt for unlined and soft bras which feel help the flow of air.   

Don’t dare think about flimsy clothing

Flimsy clothes will stick to your body and this is not something you want to feel during summers. You can better opt for lightweight materials especially those which come with embroidery. This will make sure that your clothes do not stick to your body when you are out in the soaring temperatures.

Choose knitwear

As we have seen that loose clothes are best in the same way knitwear with open-weave are good. They will help to get in ample amount of air thus keeping you comfortable like a cool breeze during the hot days. Such kind of clothes can be used for layers.

Go natural

Opting for natural fabric like cotton can be good. It is breathable compared to others like rayon or polyester. Such kind of fabric will absorb the sweat from the body without making you feel uncomfortable and will also dry out fast. Again, opting for light colored dresses can help to ward off heat.

Say no to embellishments

Embellishments add weight to your dress and so it will weigh down. Such clothes will remain near to your body and heat will be trapped inside. So instead of going for embellishments, you can try out patterned garments which will give the same look and feel to the dress.

Carry a scarf or a hat

Make sure you carry a lightweight hat or a scarf in your bag when you are out. So in case, you feel the sun on your head or shoulders you can simply have it on your head or drape it around your neck respectively. The best thing is that you will not have the trouble to carry it around as it is quite lightweight. You can easily find summer special clothing accessories at decent rates with Latest Indian Deals.   

Chooses dresses, skirts, and jackets that are unlined

Clothes with lining mean you are adding more layers to your dress. Most of the time synthetic material is used for lining and it will not breathe well. This means you will feel hot and uncomfortable in no time.

Feeling comfortable is the main agenda for choosing right attire for the summer days. Apart from knowing what to wear just be sure you stay away from the sun as much as possible as well as wear minimum jewelry with what you wear.

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