Keeping Your Kids Safe When They Are Learning to Fly Drones

Keeping Your Kids Safe When They Are Learning to Fly Drones from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Flying drones has become a very popular hobby around the world. In fact, drones have become so cheap that nearly anyone can afford one, and you can find them everywhere from big-box stores to bookstores to stores but do you know the best drones for kids?

Drones have also become so easy to fly that people of all ages can enjoy the hobby, even kids. But if you want to give your kid a DJI drone, then you need to understand that there are many safety concerns that they should be aware of. When flown correctly, drones can provide hours of entertainment, so make sure you go over a few of these simple tips with your child before taking the drone out for a spin.

Know Where You can Fly

The first thing you and your child need to understand is that it’s not okay to fly a drone just anywhere you want. Because of the rise in the polarity of drones, the Federal Aviation Administration has provided guidelines concerning small remote-controlled crafts that you should be aware of.

In general, never fly your drone near power lines or other utilities like water towers or treatment plants. You should never take your drone above 400 feet and never let the drone fly out of your sight: losing sight of your drone is a sure way to crash it, ruining your craft and possibly injuring someone.

If your drone is equipped with a camera, as most are, never take unauthorized photos or videos of anyone. You can take photos of wildlife and scenery, but it’s illegal to take photos of people without their permission.

Use a Preflight Checklist

Before a pilot takes a plane into the air, they go through a standard checklist to make sure everything is working properly. You should teach your child to do the same with their drone.

In general, you should make sure you are in an area that is safe to fly in. Check the drone to make sure there is no damage, such as bent or broken propellers or loose wiring that can disconnect while the drone is in flight. Before your child flies the drone, have them turn it on and test it at low levels to make sure everything is in working order.

Know How to Repair Properly

If you give a child a drone, there it is almost a certainty that they will crash it at some point, This isn’t a big deal a lot of times because drones can easily be fixed if you know what you are doing.

This is a good opportunity to teach your child the different parts of the drone, what each one does, and the proper way to repair them. Replacing motors, microcontrollers, and wires can be a fairly commonplace activity when you own a drone, so start early. It’s a great learning opportunity and your child will have more respect for the drone. If you want to get your child into flying, you can find hundreds of kids drones online.

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  1. Awesome tips! Some people don’t realize that drones aren’t really toys no matter what the box says. Safety precautions are always a must!

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