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Perfect Bed
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If you always look at photos of the beds in five-star hotels, with their huge plump pillows, perfectly smooth bedding, and crisp inviting sheets, with envy because, try as your might, you simply cannot make your bed look the same; this is the post you have been waiting for. Here are the simple secrets you can use to transform your bed from OK to outstanding!

Pick the Perfect Pillows

If you want your pillows to look plump at all times, you need to purchase the right ones. So many pillows become flat and grubby after just a few uses that it is worth investing in a better set. Goose down pillows, for example, will plump up quickly, keep their shape and last for years if you look after them. Just don’t buy them if you have any allergies!

Choose the Best Comforter You Can Afford

Again, you can’t expect your comforter to look thick and luxurious for long if you buy the cheapest one available, and although you don’t need to spend a fortune on your comforter, plumping for a good down one should be enough to ensure you have a good bed.

As an aside, when buying a down comforter, you should always take the time to view the down bedding law label which will tell you exactly what kind of down you are buying, so that you can ensure you choose the best.

Buy a Bolster

A good bolster will hide the unattractive space where the mattress ends and the bed starts, for a polished luxury hotel look. They’re pretty cheap, coming in at $20 for a simple one, too.

Make Sure Your Linen is Actually Linen

A crisp, inviting bed cannot be achieved with any old sheets. If you want to elevate your bed to sophisticated status, you need to actually buy real linen. Line sheets may seem like an expensive extravagance, but you will be able to see and feel the difference, and a quality pure linen bedsheet will typically last a lot longer than an imitator, providing you are mindful of the care instructions, that is.

Throw Out Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets may save you a few minutes when making the bed, but they don’t do your bed’s image any favors. Fitted sheets rarely actually fit anyone’s bed, which means that they look bad, come off easily and can leave you in a tangled mess come morning. Buy properly folded sheets and spend the extra time – you won’t regret it.

Layer Up

A simple secret to getting rock star bedding with minimal effort is to layer it up with lots of sheets, throws blankets etc. As long as you don’t do it in a hodge-podge manner and take a few seconds to make it look good, your bed will look like something you’d find in a top Dubai hotel.


Finally, if you want a bed that you can be proud of, you absolutely must take the time to launder your sheets at least once a week and you must pay attention to the washing and care labels before you do so. This will keep your bedding in good condition for longer.


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