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Dating Advice for Dummies from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Finding a great date does not have to be hard if you know where not to look. LOL Have you ever heard the saying that stops looking for something and then you will find it. So that is my advice to you if you are looking for a great person to date then stop looking to find the one and instead find many ones because one of them may be the right one. Try online dating, dating platforms such as is a great platform for meeting many persons That does not mean that staying at home and being a hermit is the right thing to do because it is not. Remember to find the one; you have to put yourself out there. Try new things, go to different places and don’t be afraid to start a conversation with other people. Make new friends without an agenda, because they can be contacts that you use later in life for business or personal favors. You never know who you will meet if you just take the time to put yourself out there and experience new things. The biggest tip that I can give you is to be a good listener and don’t be afraid to share things with others. But I can tell you from experience, it happens when you least expect it.

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