Hidden Potential: Why Can’t I See Mine?

Hidden Potential: Why Can't I See Mine from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

I am currently doing a bible study with Proverbs 31, which has brought up a lot of emotions. That, coupled with feeling used by certain people I thought were friends, has sent me for a loop. There have been so many emotions swirling around me that I decided to sit with them for a while, and it made me see things a little clearer. So here is what I have learned through studying Hidden Potential. 

That everyone has the Hidden Potential to hurt you. But I have to go out on a limb to trust that God put people in my life to teach me something. And boy have they taught me a lot. I have learned that if I have an idea or something unique to my signature not to share it with other people because folks, they will steal it and make it their own. I have had this happened to me more than one time by people. 

The Hidden Potential in myself – to not deal with conflict. I would rather be the ostrich burying my head in the sand than confront people when I feel used by them. Luckily I have a few friends that I can chat with, and I know that they won’t betray my trust in them. 

Hidden Potential to help people- I love to encourage others, but there is that hidden Potential that the devil will raise his head and tell me that I don’t get encouragement because there isn’t anything good in me. Folks, I struggle with that negative self-talk every day. And I mean every day, I thought I was doing good the last couple of months, but there are still times when I am doing the live chats on Facebook “Chats from the Blog Cabin” that I feel like at any moment I will be uncovered as a fraud. I struggle with finding my place in this world. And just when I think I found my tribe, I get slapped in the face when people don’t value the hardwork I put in to step out of my comfort zone, and yes, I did it working with a mindset coach- I did the hard work. That validation that I did the thing. Yes, I may have gotten help, but I DID THE THING. I could have easily sat back and not taken any action, but I was the one doing the work. I was the one who worked my a** ( excuse my French) off to get where I am today. I am the one who created a space to help others explore blogging as a career. A space to help others in their endeavors, but when I reach out to ask for help – they can’t be bothered. Or I don’t check all the boxes for their crowd, so they use me for the contacts and to help further their careers but leave me in the corner wondering why I am not good enough?

Yep that Hidden Potential is there every day in my head. I have to choose daily to either bury my emotions or let them get the best of me. I have to decide daily to either believe in the goodness of people or to wonder if they have ulterior motives? (Like do they only see me as a $ sign or a way to further their career) Somedays, I choose to believe in the goodness of people, but then there are days like today. Heck, who am I kidding, I have had a week like that. What do I do? I am struggling with so many things, but then I pick up this book Hidden Potential and see those words that Wendy Pope wrote, and I can’t help but sob. I know God knows my heart, and He sees things in me. I don’t, but damn it, why does it hurt so bad? Why can’t I see the Hidden Potential in myself that I can see in others? Why is it that when I invest in others when I only end up being hurt by them? 

So tell me, have you ever wondered where your Hidden Potential is? 

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