Is Erbs palsy associated with a medical error during labor and delivery?

Is Erbs palsy associated with a medical error during labor and delivery from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Erbs palsy is a condition that affects babies during birth when their necks are stretched therefore causing some trauma which affects one or several important nerves that aids movement and feeling toward the arms parts. Each baby with the problem can suffer a different type of injury that will lead to paralysis. It can either be partial or complete depending on the injury’s extent, and the damage can also come in the form of a tear or some bruise.

Some babies will be lucky after experiencing some challenges at birth as they will recover on their own. However, some will need to be taken to a specialist for special intervention because this condition can have a long-term disability effect that may permanently affect their arms mobility and functioning and may hinder them from doing certain things in their daily life. Here is a guide about this serious condition

What are the delicate nerves that can lead to this severe injury?

There is a large network of nerves known as the brachial plexus which their core function is to send signals from a baby’s spine area to the shoulder, hands, and arms. When these nerves happen to experience some challenges that might cause some damage, it will lead to paralysis to the arm area. According to reports by the Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), Erbs palsy affects 1-2 out of every 1000 babies born during a difficult delivery.

The risk factors the doctors look out for to prevent damage

During delivery time, it is crucial that a doctor or midwife who is helping the mother with delivery be on the lookout to prevent a problematic pregnancy. They should tell if the newborn is going to be larger than the average size and recommend a safe delivery option. They should also detect the position of the fetus as it approaches delivery. If the fetus’s legs are about to come first, that will signal a breech delivery that needs to be corrected. Lastly, they should handle a delivery that can pose some difficulty of shoulders coming out as it will be life-threatening.

How to prevent brachial plexus injuries during labor and delivery

When an injury occurs during delivery doesn’t necessarily mean there was some negligence. Some patients might have experienced some medical malpractice which led to the shoulder dystocia that led to the condition. In some rear situations, Erb’s condition takes place where a patient did not have shoulder dystocia.

How you can evaluate the brachial plexus from a liability perspective

It is crucial that a doctor undertake an appropriate and recognized maneuver to help a pregnant mother deliver the baby safely without affecting the newborn shoulders, body, and arms. Therefore, they should avoid any use of excessive force during delivery. Supposing they have realized the unborn child may come out in the wrong position or any other challenge that may lead to a problem, it would be best to advise the mother to undergo a cesarean procedure that will be safer for both the mother and their unborn child. Healthcare providers should exercise professionalism when handling delivery processes because their actions when they ignore all the safety regulations during delivery and deviate from them may lead to Erbs palsy and shoulder dystocia.

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