Everything One Needs to Know about Using PPE During Covid

Everything One Needs to Know about Using PPE During Covid

As the pandemic has already taken the freedom to breathe without worry and to walk on the street without thinking twice, it has also taught every individual a few crucial things that any other scenario fails to do.  One of the meaningful lessons is to be proactive and focus on preparedness rather than on waiting for the illness to happen and then taking precautions. This is why PPE kits have become vital safety gear for everyone around the globe. But as not many individuals are aware of the importance of this safety gear, this blog will tell every essential information about PPE. 

Components of This Equipment

PPE consists of goggles, face shields, masks, gloves, overalls/gowns (with or without an apron), hats, and shoe covers. 

Face shields and goggles: Contamination of the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and mouth can occur in droplet scenarios caused by infected individuals coughing or sneezing or performing aerosol-generating procedures in clinical settings. Accidentally touching the eyes/nose/mouth with contaminated hands is another possible scenario. This is why Face shields and goggles are a must. 

Masks: Respiratory viruses, including coronaviruses, primarily target the upper and lower respiratory tract. This is why a mask is needed. Therefore, the protection of the respiratory tract from fine dust generated by droplets/aerosols can prevent human infection. 

Gloves: A person can be exposed to the virus if they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth after touching an object/surface contaminated by a person infected with COVID-19. Hence, using gloves is crucial for healthcare practitioners.

How to buy PPE Kits

Here are a few PPE tips for Covid in healthcare to ensure you don’t forget to buy it once the pandemic hits the community again.

  • Pick safety eyewear that is comfortable for you. Make sure the safety goggles you choose have adequate room for your regular spectacles if you frequently wear prescription lenses.
  • The bodysuit comes in a variety of sizes and fabrics. Choose the disposable or reusable option in the appropriate size, depending on your demands and body type.
  • Choose the gloves that are most comfortable for you based on your skin type. The gloves must be the appropriate size to prevent taking up any room in your PPE gear.
  • Face shields come in a variety of sizes and are often reusable. Choose the appropriate one, the way you use your helmet, based on your head size.
  • Even if you’re wearing a disposable mask, ensure it fits snugly and, if you can, cover your face with another mask for better protection.

Reasons to buy PPE kit

On the front lines of the Corona pandemic response are the health professionals. They provide treatment and care for COVID-19 patients and take more risks to fight against this illness. PPE creates a barrier between healthcare professionals and the deadly COVID-19 virus. So this equipment is necessary for healthcare professionals to work safely and provide the best possible care.


As every scenario makes individuals learn one thing or the other, this pandemic outbreak has taught people to be prepared for the worst situations in an individual’s life. As precaution is better than being sorry, you should always be ahead and take all the safety measures even in your daily life. So if the pandemic hits again, you now know what to do.

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