The best apps for pet owners in 2021

Today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced world has seen a variety of helpful apps come to the fore as people become more reliant on their smartphones. Some of us get health and fitness advice from an app, while others might find their soulmate using one. The options are comprehensive. 

Apps are even popular for pet owners, too. Not every mobile phone application is aimed specifically at us humans, particularly when you factor in just how much love there is for pets all around the world. It was inevitable to see developers tapping into this space with a number of creations aimed at both pets and owners. 

In the same way, gamers look for a different and fun candy slot – Sweet Bonanza or experiment with a new console device, pet owners can try a variety of apps that perform a variety of different functionalities. Some apps offer grooming advice; others help you find love or a mate for your pet, then there are apps that specialize in adoption also.

With a selection of apps proving popular in 2021, here is a look at some of the best smartphone applications for pet owners at the moment. 

MyPet Reminders

It can be easy for people to forget various appointments or a time to administer some medication to their fluffy friend, therefore making apps like MyPet Reminders a necessity for some pet owners. To help keep you on track with any veterinarian appointments or medications, the app provides helpful reminders. You can personalize your profile to fit the exact requirements you need. MyPet Reminders even keeps you posted with regards to any birthdays, dog shows, competitions, vet visits, and anything else you might need for your pet. 


Putting all the needs of your pet first, Petamiko covers pretty much everything. You can explore the dating and mating options on the app, use it as a diary to help set schedules for any grooming sessions or meet-ups with friends, and also explore its adoption feature, which offers a range of pets up for adoption due to a variety of circumstances, be it age, divorce, or a change of lifestyle. Petamiko also provides a friendly and helpful community of people for pet owners to discuss various issues with or seek advice on. 


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Chewy has you covered with any food and accessories you need for your pet. The app does a remarkable job at laying out clear and concise categories so you can easily search for any items you need and get them delivered to your address immediately. Toys, foods, medicines, and a whole lot more are available in this slick and easy to use app. The app’s auto-ship feature is particularly impressive, enabling owners to have food and any other important items at their door on a regular basis without having to constantly reorder. 


One for any dog owners among us, Rover is a popular pet sitting and dog walking app that helps users to get trusted pet care in their local and surrounding area. Whether you need a dog sitter, house sitter, or a pet boarder, Rover has you covered. You can also add photo updates and utilise its handy GPS tracking of your dog’s walks. 

Pet First Aid app 

In the event of an emergency, apps like Pet First Aid app can make a huge difference. The app offers detailed and helpful insights into common ailments and accidents that could happen to your pet. It comes with photos, videos, as well as tools to help you find the nearest vet hospital should an accident happen.

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