Get The Most Out Of Your Gift Cards

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AFM Gift Cards

With the season of gift giving quickly approaching here are a few tips on how to spend those gift cards you might receive as gifts. Personally I would rather have a gift card than to have to go through all the hassle of returning duplicate gifts, gifts that don’t fit or let’s face it gifts that are just plain UGLY. So here are some tips for those gift cards.

  • Treat them like cash- Place them near your money and not with your credit cards, that way you don’t forget you have them. I tend to forget about mine and end up losing them.
  • Don’t Overspend- Make sure you know how much is on your gift card and DON’T go over it.
  • Know your limit- Every time you use a card write the balance on the card with a Sharpie. That way you know how much “money” you have left to spend on it.
  • Read the fine print- Some cards have expiration dates. Others may start charging an inactivity fee. Still others may require you to register them online. Be sure to read all the rules to see what applies. I know I have lost money because of not reading the rules.
  • Sell unwanted cards- You can’t return a gift card, but you can sell it for a little less than face value at You get paid up to 92% cash back when you sell your gift card. Then you can use that money to buy a discounted card for one of your preferred stores. You can buy discounted gift cards on their site for over 400 popular merchants and save up to 35%. They also offer eCodes, which are electronic gift cards that you can use online and in-store.
  • Don’t toss it after you use it- When you make a purchase with a gift card always ask about the store’s return policy. You might need to show the card if you want to bring back the item.

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