How to Save on Your Home Cleaning Services

How to Save on Your Home Cleaning Services from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Maintaining a clean home is a goal for many homeowners. That’s why some require the services of home cleaners to ensure that they have a squeaky-clean home. When you need the services of home cleaners like Rain City Maids of Kirkland, you should not think that it is okay for you to shell out tons of money. There are tons of money-saving tips you can follow to help you lessen your expenses so you can save on your home cleaning services. 

Don’t Include the Kids’ Room 

Your kid’s room can be cleaned without the need for further help. You can work in the room together with your child to tidy it up. It is an excellent way to teach them early how cleaning their personal space should be their responsibility. Guide them with a chore chart or show them the ten-minute pick-up rule. When you lessen the rooms that your home cleaner has to clean, you shoulder fewer costs. 

Do a Clean Up Before Cleaners Arrive

While most home cleaners in Fort Wayne charge flat rates depending on the square footage of your home, you can still save by doing a quick clean-up before the cleaners arrive. Picking up the things that are lying around would lessen the items that they have to clean. Then, they would have more time to focus on the areas they have to thoroughly clean. Spend at least one to two minutes and stash away personal items, especially if the tasks that you ask your cleaners to do are basic, such as mopping and dusting. 

Rotate the Areas for Cleaning

If you have a regular cleaning schedule, ask your cleaners to rotate the areas that need attention at the moment. For instance, for this month, you can have the kitchen deep cleaned, and then for the following month, you can have them focus on the garage. This way, it is easier to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Easy-to-maintain areas can be skipped, and you may ask them to focus on high-traffic areas like the family room and bathrooms every week. You can experiment and see which combination works for your budget. 

As-needed Basis

You can ask your home cleaning service to customize the package. For example, you have rooms that are not used as frequently. Ask the cleaners to skip this area and focus only on highly used ones. This way, the square footage that they have to clean is smaller. Thus, the lesser would be your payment. 

Tick Off the Basement

If you are not using the basement often, you can tick it off your list of areas to clean in your home. However, make sure that you have it cleaned at least once or twice a year, especially if your basement has concrete flooring, so it will not become a breeding ground for pests

Get the Flat Rate

Different home cleaners have different packages they offer their clients. If you want to make the most savings, ask about a flat rate. This package allows you to include other services without additional charges. 

Lesser Frequency of Visit

The ultimate way to save on home cleaners is to have them in less often. Out for the service provider that will not tie you down with a contract. Get a cleaning service that you can customize the schedule of visits to bi-weekly or monthly. You have to teach your children and condition yourself to do simple house cleaning in between the cleaner’s visits. Cleaning your walls can be something that you can ask your older children to do during weekends.

Home cleaning services are a boon to homeowners. They are there to manage a home more easily and be much less of a chore. However, if it becomes a financial burden, you have to find a way to save money on home cleaning services. The tips mentioned above can help you lessen your expenses.

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