The Enticing World of Polished Concrete Floors

The Enticing World of Polished Concrete Floors from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Flooring solutions in contemporary times have undergone some revolutionary shifts. Long gone are the days when decorative concrete flooring would refer to dull, grey concrete-floored slabs with colorful lacquer applied in generous quantities on the surface. Floors have come a very long way with architects, designers, and decorators churning out innovative flooring ideas like never before. 

The preferred option for commercial and residential properties alike, polished concrete epoxy floors are hardy, durable, and exquisite in their own way. This article talks about polished concrete floors and how they are proving to be the ideal choice for all kinds of applications and environments. 

Why do you Need Professionals for Polishing Concrete Floors?

The main credit for the wide range of flooring available today can go to polished concrete mixtures. These mixtures require the highest levels of craftsmanship to give off a regal and exquisite look. The challenges of installing the perfect polished concrete floors are plenty. That’s why it is important to hire the expertise and years of experience of flooring experts linked with reliable companies to perform the job. The laying of polished concrete floors requires a lot of knowledge and skills. This is specifically true with respect to the refining of the flooring tops with diamond abrasives. These abrasives have to be used dexterously and in a productive manner to impart the right aesthetics. 

Application areas of  Polished Concrete Floors

The manufacturers, dealers, and installers of polished concrete floors are always on the lookout for increasing their horizons. From one area of application to the next, they have it in them to create long-lasting impact through their flooring solutions. They are always playing with better and more innovative ideas to make floors look more appealing than before. The different types of polished concrete flooring options available today are a big step in this direction. As a homemaker, property owner, interior designer, decorator, architect or manager of any commercial space, you will surely be interested in the areas of application of concrete polished flooring. The most important of them being:

Retail outlets and stores: You will find plenty of people walking on the floors of retail stores. Be it due to the walking around of customers, salesperson, or vendors, retail counters and stores are bound to have unclean floors. The goodness of polished concrete floors can be utilized in these spaces. Easy to clean, this type of flooring requires low maintenance if handled with care. Polished concrete floors are slip and scratch-resistant and have a long life to boast of. 

Factories, godowns, and warehouses: Polished concrete floors do not get damaged easily. They can sustain a lot of weight on their surface without showcasing any signs of getting spoiled. This is why this flooring solution is the preferred one for large-sized spaces like godowns and warehouses. The floors of factories and manufacturing units also undergo a lot of stress and are prone to damages. Polished concrete floors are capable of withstanding rough use, carriage of heavy goods, and high human traffic across the day without getting spoiled. This makes a polished concrete floor a good choice for warehouse/ factory owners and managers. 

Hotels, motels, inns, guest houses: Places providing accommodation facilities to tourists, corporate travelers, and other guests are installing polished concrete floors in their lobbies and reception areas. They are also choosing polished concrete over other floors for their entrance halls. So, How much do polished concrete floors cost? Are they a feasible option for hospitality centers seeking quick installation of their floors to meet the next holiday rush? The price of concrete polished floors justifies its many benefits in no uncertain terms. They manage to keep the environment neat and tidy. Another important reason behind hotels using polished concrete floors is that they do not get damaged by the wheels of trolleys or suitcases. 

On the other hand, these floors are a preferred option for restaurants, fast food joints, cafeterias, bakeries, and so forth because they can be sterilized easily. The back and forth movement of dining chairs fail to damage the polished hard surface of concrete, thereby keeping scratches and dents at bay. 

Glitzy showroom and malls: You have probably walked long hours on shiny concrete floors while scouring malls for your favorite brands. Polished concrete can show off the latest luxury instances of jewelry, cars, apparel, and other items. The elegance of polished floors is truly unmatched and is here to stay. 

Office spaces: Modern-day offices are packed with swiveling chairs, heavy tables, plenty of almirahs and storage areas, and other pieces of furniture. When there are so many elements that can damage the aesthetics and feel of floors, you need something that’s robust and solid. Polished concrete floor providers are always eager to talk about the high durability quotient of their floors. Built to last for decades in a row, polished concrete is a good choice for offices and other spaces for commercial usage. 

Apartments and villas: ask any homemaker and you will get the same reply with regards to how they want their floors to be. Clean, hygienic and shiny are just some of the many adjectives that describe dream home floors. It’s common to find polished concrete slabs in the entrance halls, kitchens, bathrooms, common toilets, garages, and other areas of choice in homes of all sizes. 

Install Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete, the rock-hard flooring solution, is unbreakable and strong. The hard-wearing and slip-resistance qualities of these floors can make a big difference in how your space appears to those who set their feet on them. You may look forward to getting effective flooring solutions when you invest in these resilient products. Mechanically polished concrete can take care of utmost wear and tear even if heavy things are dropped. 

So, instead of looking around any further, freeze your choice on benchmarked-quality concrete and polished floors. Once installed, your floors will make many heads turn and get you compliments galore. Reach out to your preferred flooring solution provider to check out the different types of polished concrete ideas on their cards. Are you ready to experience the magic created by polished concrete floors? Start the process right away!

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