What You Need to Know to Protect Your Home From Mold

What You Need to Know to Protect Your Home From Mold from NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Once mold starts to form inside of your home, the problem can be extremely difficult to remediate. In many instances, mold forms slowly and develops in areas that people don’t see every day. By the time they are aware of the presence of mold, it may have spread to several areas and caused considerable damage. Being proactive about preventing and addressing mold is extremely important for safeguarding both your home and your health. If mold buildup gets bad enough, you may need to consider a mold detox for yourself to ensure your body doesn’t suffer the multitude of negative health effects associated with mold exposure. Keep reading for some tips about how to protect your home from mold.

Resolve Drainage Deficiencies

A lot of serious water intrusion occurs at the ground level. When water seeps into the side of your home, it can cause gradual damage to the foundation. Heavy rains or flooding may also cause rapid damage. Massive water intrusion in basements can result in inches or even feet of standing water. Improper drainage is a frequent culprit. It is imperative that your home’s gutters are adequately secured and free of any instructions.

One of the most common gutter installation questions is whether a system will move water far enough away from a home after it drains. While this depends partly on the system’s design, it is also important to consider the slope of the area next to your home. If the ground adjacent to your home slopes towards it, any water that drains from your roof may flow against the side of your foundation.

With that said you might want to look into crawl space waterproofing companies. But you should know that there are many things to consider before hiring one.

Here are some questions to ask:

-What services do they offer?

-How much do they charge?

-Do they offer a warranty?

-What is their level of experience?

-How long have they been in business?

-Do they use the latest technology and equipment for the job?

Replace Failing Windows

Over time, a window’s seals may deteriorate with age. After a moderate amount of age-related wear, excessive exposure to water can exacerbate the effects of deterioration. Compromised window seals could lead to significant damage. When water permeates window seals, it can affect your home’s drywall, window frames, and even flooring. Sagging window frames or a feeling that they are somewhat soft to the touch could be indicative of existing damage.

New windows with high-quality seals will help to fortify a home against water damage. They will also provide a vital safeguard if your home is located in an area that experiences severe weather events such as hurricanes. In addition, new windows will likely raise your home’s value, and they may entitle you to a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Dehumidify Areas With Poor Ventilation

Some parts of your home are particularly vulnerable to mold formation simply because they don’t have a lot of air circulating in them. Bathrooms and basements often contain excess moisture. If you notice that these rooms in your home feel kind of humid or have a mildew odor, moisture could be making the air unhealthy.

Keeping a dehumidifier in humid areas can help address the issue. You can purchase a model that automatically shuts off when it is full so you will not have to worry about checking it. 

Repair Slow Leaks Immediately

When a pipe or valve begins to drip, homeowners may not recognize the importance of swift action. However, a pipe does not have to be gushing water to be in urgent need of attention. A small drip in your basement can cause mold to form in just a short period if you do not address it. Likewise, a slow drip under your sink could cover the entire surface of a cabinet or vanity with mildew.

Your plumbing is not the only system in your home that could cause mold. Your HVAC’s evaporator coils may leak excess condensation if you do not clean your air handler regularly. Annual cleaning and calibration will prevent mold formation that could potentially spread throughout the air in your home when you run your heating and cooling. 

Ultimately, mold is a costly and dangerous program that every homeowner wants to avoid. Being attentive to water and humidity in your home can protect it from this unfortunate damage can protect your home from mold. Still not sure about all of this, here is a great post to read.

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