How To Make An Instagram-Worthy Sweet and Salty Charcuterie Board

How To Make An Instagram-Worthy Sweet and Salty Charcuterie Board from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram lately, you have probably seen inviting images of snack boards loaded with all kinds of goodies. While a traditional charcuterie board contains a mix of cured meats, cheeses, fresh fruits, and crackers, a new style of snack board is taking over the Internet. These popular nibbles include an enticing blend of sweet and salty delights. Learn what goes into a sweet and salty snack board and how to create one worthy of Instagram for your next get-together.

What Makes a Yummy Snack Board?

Sweet and salty as a theme is perfect for snack boards — sweet flavors are enhanced from a salty bite, and vice versa. Choose sophisticated tidbits for a wine party, or try finger food favorites for a game night with the kids.

A basic sweet and salty snack board contains foods such as chips, popcorn or pretzels alongside sweet treats such as cookies, chewy candies, and chocolates. There are usually a few healthier items including fresh grapes and berries, and there may be a cheese or savory dip, such as salsa or hummus.

Upgrading from the basics is what’s going to get your board to stand out on Instagram and impress your guests, so consider incorporating high-end treats such as:

  • Caramel apples: Gourmet caramel apples are a fall favorite that will stand out on your snack board — especially if you go mini!
  • Chocolate covered pretzels: Chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect sweet-salty mix, and lavish ones make a picture-perfect addition to your Instagrammable charcuterie board.
  • Colorful fruits and veggies: Fresh fruits and veggies help create a saturated image that can make your board pop. Add visually appealing foods such as oranges, pomegranates, blueberries, strawberries, fresh figs, sliced carrots, and other colorful produce.
  • Specialty candies: Anyone can put a few handfuls of brand name sweets on a snack board. In order to capture those likes, visit a specialty candy store and pick up unique candies to push your board over the top. Consider color, shape, flavor, and size when selecting those sugary morsels.

Setting Up an Instagram-Worthy Snack Board

If you’re after lots of likes — at a party and on the ‘gram — you should spend as much time focusing on the setup of the snack board as choosing the ingredients. If you’re new to staging food for social media or social gatherings, this may sound difficult. Fortunately, it gets easier the more you practice. Once you master these principles, you’ll save time on the assembly and decoration of each board.

  • Start with an attractive board: Whether it’s a stone slate, an oversized wooden board, or a rustic-chic sheet pan, the board should match the aesthetic you want to convey.
  • Browse for inspiration: There are lots of visually pleasing snack boards on Instagram, but chances are some will stand out above the others. Scroll through the hashtag to see what particular boards catch your eye and pick up some design tips. Some Instagrammers like to color block, with groupings of foods spread randomly here and there. Others take a more curated approach using gradients or ombre effects.
  • Set up the food: Once you have those visual reference points, set up your board. A snack board looks best when it’s abundant, so don’t skimp.
  • Stage for the ‘gram: No lie, the food photos you love on Instagram look so amazing because it’s staged with just the right props, lighting, and angles. To instantly improve your food photos and get more likes, move the Charcuterie Board into natural light. Shut off any overhead lighting, since it can bounce weird shadows on the food. Create a visually appealing background by using props such as dish towels, party napkins, or a nicely textured natural surface (such as marble or a butcher block).

Once everything is set up, get that camera and snap away. Take more photos than you think you need, working around the board from different angles. This way, you can discard photos that are blurry or off-kilter and proudly publish only the best images to Instagram, and if you are looking for more ways to get your Instagram to grow check out kicksta review.

Author bio: Alex Marks is a sales manager with more than 15 years of corporate and wholesale experience, managing accounts for some of the world’s largest brands and retailers. Marks brings her sales knowledge and leadership to Mrs. Prindables, overseeing the gourmet apple company’s Corporate Gifting, Promotional Products, Department Store, Affiliate, and Wedding programs.

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