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get well bags

My dad was the oldest of 8 kids. He was the strongest of them all.  He was always there whenever any of his brothers or sisters needed him, no matter the circumstances. Sadly, when my dad passed in January out of all of those siblings there is only one of them  left. That would be my Uncle Billy. Uncle Billy has always been my favorite uncle. I can still recall memories of going to Boston Red Soxs games with my dad, my uncle and my cousin Billy. I loved spending time with him.

get well bags

Just recently he fell and broke his hip. Knowing that he is the only sibling left of my dad’s the girls and I wanted to send him a little cheer up aka get well bag. As he lives all the way in Massachusetts, we had to mail it to him. (I am mailing it today. So if any family in Massachusetts reads this don’t tell him.)

It felt weird shopping for this bag since I don’t see him on a daily basis or for that matter on a yearly basis. But I think I came up with some cool things to put in this bag. Just check it out.

get well gift bag

I first decided to send him some boogie wipes. He has always joked about trading a yellow booger for a black one when we were little. He did it to totally gross out and to make us laugh. I think that is why he is my favorite because he is so funny.

Then I went and added some food items. Just some fun animal crackers, cheese and crackers, a swiss cake roll and some yoohoo chocolate drinks. He has a big sweet tooth.

I add a baseball towel that he can put into water and watch it grow. Plus to remind him of baseball games when we were little. He loves baseball and is a big Red Sox fan.

I also added a puzzle to help him pass the time and that also was the reason behind the mini guitar. Plus I figure he could use it to drive my Aunt Judy crazy. (I don’t think he needed help with that but I thought it was cute.)

get well bag

The last thing I added to the bag was a teddy bear. Long time readers of the blog know that Gracie has a bear named Beary that she has had since she was 5 days old. Beary went everywhere with Gracie for a while. She even let my dad borrow her when he was in hospice. Uncle Billy has always teased Gracie, just like my dad did, that he was going to take her bear. So Gracie decided that this Rainbow Care Bear was just what he needed to make him smile. I even added a note saying even though Gracie won’t let him have Beary, he can still have a bear of his own.

I wish that we lived closer to family but it isn’t possible. But I hope that this gift bag full of get well goodies helps to bring a smile to my favorite uncle’s face.

So tell me have you ever sent a get well bag to a friend or relative that is under the weather? If so what did you put inside?

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  1. Being away from family is hard but you’ve found a great way to stay connected! we live far from family too. I’ll keep this in mind for next time.

  2. What a thoughtful gift idea that was. I love that you put a Carebear in there 🙂

  3. It’s so tough being away from loved ones – especially when they aren’t feeling the best. I’d put candy, puzzles, a Sudoku book (if they’re a little older) and stuff to pass the time.

  4. Those items would cheer anyone up! Especially the brightly colored Care Bear!

  5. It is so incredibly thoughtful that you put this together for your dad. I love your choices and wish him a speedy recovery. It’s hard to be such a distance from family.

  6. This is such a great idea. I have never made a get well soon basket. I will have to make one the next time i have a friend that is under the weather.

  7. I have never heard of a get-well bag, but I love the idea of doing one and I am going to keep it in mind for the future.

  8. This is a really great package that you’ve put together! I think the bear is a nice touch, especially since your daughter helped pick it out. No doubt it’ll make your uncle feel a little better!

  9. I have not made a get well bag, but I definitely would like to try it out. I will keep these things in mind when the next person needs a little love.

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