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Finally A Walk In Closet Again


AFM Closet 2

With everything going on with Gracie’s health, I have found that keeping busy is the key for me. With that said, I have started taking on projects to clean the clutter out of my house, update the looks of some room, projects to create a new feel in the home and cleaning. With that said, my first area of focus has been the closet in our bedroom. It is a huge walk-in closet, but I will have to admit that it had become a throw in closet. Anytime we had company come over we would clean up the rest of the house and guess where all that clutter went into our closet.  We had to climb over the clutter because it has gotten that bad. I will confess that I will show you a picture, but I am happy to say that the walk in closet is once again a walk in closet and everything has a place. While undertaking this clutter cleanup, I decided to do some craft projects as well. Each day I will highlight and show how I made an  item. But for now, I want to do the reveals. (Notice how much space; my husband has in the closet LOL) Yes, I confess I am a clotheshorse. But I did get rid of a lot of stuff. Here is what it looks like after I cleaned it.

AFM closet 4
This is one side of the closet. The side from the first picture.

AFM Closet 5

This is the other side of the closet.


AFM Closet 1

We have a built in dresser in our closet. It has become the keeper of my craft items. Here is what it looks like after I got crafty.

AFM Closet 3


I was able to organize not only my jewelry but my scarves and belts as well. Remember the ring holder I made at Christmas time. It has now been relocated there as well. I will have to say that the closet is probably my favorite place in my house because I am so pleased on how it turned out. All the little holders and curtain were from items I already had on hand. The only thing that I spent money on was the cost of a can of metallic spray paint. Cool right, I love when I can use items that I have on hand. Don’t worry I will show you how to make these things for yourselves. Just keep checking back every day for posts on this transformation. Now I am on to remaking the master bathroom and bedroom. I have lots of items on my list to do to just update these rooms for less.  When I am finished, there will be only two rooms that will go untouched and that would be the rooms of my teenage daughters. I feel that they should have the right to express themselves by their rooms. Gracie, on the other hand, helps me define what her room will be like.


Well, what do you think of the transformation?? Make sure to check back to find out the cool tricks I used and what I made (with the help of my husband) to get this closet looking so great.

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  1. I love it when I can organize or clean something up … it seems to make my outlook and mood better too! 🙂 Your transformation looks great!

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