“How to Expand Your Personal Blog”


Expanding your personal blog takes a lot of time and hard work but in the end it pays off with big rewards. The first thing you can do to expand your blog is to look for companies who want you to promote their site or their products. There are a ton of companies out there that are always looking for talented writers to review and promote their products. When working with these companies there are several options that they will have. The first option is a review/giveaway, they will send you an item to review and then allow you to host a giveaway in exchange for a review. The next option is the sponsored post. This is where they ask you to write about their product and pay you for your post. The third option is to become an affiliate with the company. Becoming an affiliate means you promote the company and for each sale that is made through your blog you receive a percentage or a set fee per click. This is the most time consuming promotion but it pays more in the long run. Any of these options will allow you to expand your personal blog and still stay true to your writing.

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