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How to Keep Your Feet Dancing with Joy on Every Trip

How to Keep Your Feet Dancing with Joy on Every Trip

Y’all, it is so secret I have done a lot of traveling this year. I think I logged more miles on my car this year than I have done since we owned her. But not all that traveling has been in a car. I have explored a lot on foot as well. I think whenever we go on any trips, I have logged 10,000 steps before 2 pm. Now that is a lot of walking and yes my dogs were barking. ( If you aren’t from the south this is something we say when our feet hurt.) And because I still have plans to travel in the future- I know how important it is to take care proper care of my feet. These are some of the things that I have found that work to keep my feet dancing with joy on every trip.

Proper Footwear

Yes I will say it even though my choice of shoes won’t always be the most fashionable, it will be the one that causes less stress on my feet. So that is why alot of time I will be sporting my sneakers that have metatarsalgia insoles inside. Because after all, pain shouldn’t be ignored.

I made the mistake of wearing my flats last year when I went trekking across Pasadena with my oldest daughter and I paid for it. I learned after that to ask how much walking we were gonna be doing and if it was a car day than my sneakers might not have come along with us but if it was walking day – the sneakers were the first thing I picked out for the day.

It is important to have the proper support for your feet because most of the time that are what gets you from point a to point b.

Pain Creams

This is another thing that I would take along in my bag whenever I travel. It is very handy especially when you decided to wear the wrong shoes for a day of exploring. ( read the above paragraph and learn from my mistake.)

How to Keep Your Feet Dancing with Joy on Every Trip

Proper Support

I have learned very quickly that my feet feel better when I wear compression socks that support. You can find a lot of fashionable styles around now. So you don’t have to feel like you are wearing granny’s hose.

Pamper your Feet

It is okay to take some time every now and then and pamper your feet. Whether it is going to get a pedicure or just soaking your feet in a warm epsom salt bath. Your feet will thank you .


Take time out while you are exploring to give your feet a rest. I remember in Nashville Gracie and I ducked into a restaurant to get an app and some drinks so that I could rest for a few minutes before we started back on our journey.

In conclusion, keeping your feet dancing with joy on every trip is all about preparation, care, and a positive mindset. By choosing comfortable shoes, practicing good foot hygiene, and taking breaks to rest and stretch, you can ensure that your feet stay happy and pain-free. Remember to pack some blister plasters just in case and be kind to your feet – they’re doing a lot of hard work! So next time you plan a trip, make sure to give your feet the love and attention they deserve. Your future travels will thank you!

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